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Tamer El-Hawari, CPO at Project A

Tim Herbig Product Management
Connecting OKRs to Product Management Domains and Time Horizons


A Practical Guide to using Objectives and Key Results in Product Management

If you’re asking yourself how you can connect Product Strategy and your Product Discovery/Delivery efforts through outcome-oriented goals, this guide has the answers.


Tim Herbig Product Discovery Coaching Testimonial - eCademy

"Tim for the win. Tim accompanied us in the development of our product strategy. His sound and at the same time pragmatic approach has helped us to link our product strategy with our business goals, to derive concrete next steps and to cast them into first OKRs. His input - both in personal workshops and through his courses and articles - not only informs our strategy work, but also helps our teams in their daily doing."

Benjamin Wüstenhagen, Managing Director & CPO at Cornelsen eCademy


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