I guide Product Teams to measure the progress of their evidence-informed decisions.

Workshops, Courses, Coaching, and Content that connect the dots of Product Strategy, Product OKRs, and Product Discovery.


Sarah Reeves Product Ops StepStone Tim Herbig Recommendation

"Tim’s depth and breadth of working knowledge has been invaluable in helping our product teams on their journey towards better product practices. Whether it’s through product discovery training and 121 coaching, ask-me-anything sessions or OKR coaching, Tim has enabled our product people to gain a much deeper understanding of user centric product development and develop an outcome-driven approach."

Sarah Reeves,

Senior Product Operations Manager at StepStone

Timon Reinhard Telekom Tim Herbig Product Management Experience Reference

"Tim guided us through the challenging decision-making process for our product direction. His unique talent is distilling complex concepts into actionable steps, following a pragmatic approach that effectively closed gaps in our product strategy. I look forward to continue collaborating with Tim on executing our strategic decisions through product discovery across our product teams."

Timon Reinhard,

Lead Product Manager at Deutsche Telekom


A Product Team's Guide to
Product Strategy Foundations

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In this guide, I will summarize some of the essential practices required for Product Teams to own and shape their Product Strategy.

A Practical Guide to using OKRs in Product Management

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If you’re asking yourself how to connect Strategy and Discovery through outcome-oriented OKRs, this guide has the answers.

Product Discovery: A Practical Guide for Product Teams

Tim Herbig Product Discovery PDF eBook Preview Image

In this guide, I show how to go beyond advice, like “talk to users,” to make sure Discovery helps teams to solve meaningful problems.

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Tamer El-Hawari

CPO at Project A Ventures


Path to Product Strategy

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My Path to Product Strategy Course enables you to form, execute, and measure the progress of coherent Product Strategy Choices based on structure and evidence.

Everyday Product OKRs

Outcome OKRs Course Content Overview Image

This course will tell you exactly how to use OKRs as a Product Team to drive an Outcome-oriented approach to measuring strategic progress, Product Discovery, Product Roadmaps, and Scrum.

Adaptable Product Discovery

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In this course, you'll learn the most versatile Product Discovery techniques and tactics to navigate the problem space and solution space so you can create your own approach right away.