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I'm a passionate product leader, author and speaker who always aims to enable people so they can build products which make a difference.

I'm currently responsible for iridion - the leading conversion management platform which is used by more than 1.500 companies around the world.

Before iridion

I did a brief foray into consulting by joining ORBIT, an entrepreneurial consultancy based in Hamburg, Germany. As its Head of Product, I was responsible for the overall structure and efforts of our Product Management Design team, as well as specific product leadership consulting for DAX companies based in Germany. Read more about why I decided to left ORBIT right here.

Before ORBIT, I worked at XING in Hamburg as a Product Owner for the Premium membership on Mobile.
Together with my team, I aimed for expanding the mobile payer base for XING’s largest b2c business driver by launching several initiatives. Among those was the launch of the availability of the Premium membership as a subscription product throughout the native iOS application, several improvements to the upsell funnel by AB testing a ton of ideas and ultimately reworking the advanced member search Premium feature.

Before that, I was on the early team of the (now sunsetted) mobile startup MyGassi. Our goal was to establish a social platform for dog owners to connect with like-minded people and get information and supplies for their pets.

My daily responsibilities were collaborating remotely with our developers, designing assets for our iPhone app, handling social media marketing, developing newsletter templates and shaping our team structure.

My journey as a mobile product manager started even a couple of years before at stern.de, one of Germany’s largest news sites. I was responsible for a variety of apps on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and even Smart TVs – Generating about 2m total installs at that time. The daily business also involved handling everything related to our advertising monetization, development and editorial concept in close collaboration with the newsroom.

Beyond my Day Job

I’m always curious to expand my skill set beyond the status quo which leads to stretching my passion for products into a couple of side projects. I’m either motivated to kick-off something on my own or by teaming-up with new people I meet.

Besides that, I‘m the co-organizer of the Product Tank Hamburg Meetup Series. A local gathering of product people which is part of the global Mind the Product community.

I also send out a weekly newsletter with valuable content and advice for product managers, UX designer, and entrepreneurs.

I value passion in my daily work, founded arguments based on proven insights and pay high attention to clear communication to get everybody involved on the same page.
It’s crucial for me to work in a team which shares the same passion and is connected through a common goal – A great relic from my career as a professional swimmer.

Besides that, I also have a huge passion (and weakness) for third wave coffee, delicious burgers, and triathlon. Feel free to check out my Instagram and Strava profiles to learn more about those matters.


Values I live and work by:

  • Persistence
  • Commitment
  • Reliability
  • Transparency
  • Empathy
  • Focus