Adaptable Product Discovery Course

Use Adaptable Product Discovery to solve the right problems for your customers - even if your company only values solutions

Does this sound familiar?

You're rushed into discussing solutions, before even understanding the problem.

Instead of focussing on problems, new features are all that’s talked about in your company. There’s no integral step to focus on the problem space as part of your work and you wish you’d have more time to make user input part of the discussion much earlier on.

Your priorities change. A lot. Constantly.

The topics that are “important” change with every new sprint. Because you’re focussed on incremental improvements, there’s no clarity around what you’re contributing to. It’s unclear whether you’re building a feature to satisfy a stakeholder desire, or if you’re solving an actual problem for the business or your customers.

Product Delivery takes up all of your time and prevents you from talking to customers.

Most of your time is consumed by making sure there are enough user stories in the backlog. By specifying tickets down to the last detail, so the solutions look exactly like the CEO wants them to look. And because you’re so focussed on coming up with more user stories to keep the team busy, there’s also no time left to explain WHY you’re doing a specific story. This way, Product and Development feel like two disconnected departments sitting in the same room.

Those are all challenges I used to face at work myself.

When I had become a "Certified Scrum Product Owner", I thought I knew everything it takes to build great products.

I felt that, if I would only deliver all the features my stakeholders were suggesting (and did it quickly enough), I was solving the problems of our customers - Except, I wasn't.

Tim Herbig Product Management Portrait

Focusing on things like Story points and Sprint Velocity would surely give me boosts in confidence, but they were all short-lived.

Yes, I'd get a pat on the shoulder from stakeholders when something new was shipped "in time, quality, and budget".

But then, customers rarely reached out raving about the great capabilities of our products. And there was no way to determine whether what we had shipped actually contributed to the business in any meaningful way. 


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Around that time, I learned about Product Discovery, and I remember thinking that would solve it all.

Except, now I had new challenges to overcome. I was trying to invest more of my time in Product Discovery, so we could finally start solving the right problems for our customers. However...

  • I felt like there was never enough time to go through it "by the book", as I had read in articles and books.
  • My bosses didn't understand the value of it, and had predetermined ideas of how it should be done and how long it should take - spoiler: not long!
  • Priorities were unclear and always shifting, and decisions were often made based on hunches rather than evidence - ironically, both problems I knew Product Discovery could solve.

More than that, I was investing a lot of resources and time into figuring it out. I read books, attended conferences, read all the Product Management, but none of that was moving the needle for me. 

The problem with Product Discovery - the way most companies try to do it.

You see, the problem was that many of these resources either...

  1. Taught me what Product Discovery should look like in an ideal world, or
  2. Showed me how Product Discovery worked for their very specific context, company, and project.

And all that left me with was a whole lot of trial and error while trying to puzzle how to make discovery work for my own situation.

It was only when I stopped seeing Product Discovery as a rigid list of tasks to be completed that things changed.

Instead, I started looking at Product Discovery as a combination of activities to navigate the problem space. And this combination needed to be adaptable and non-linear, based on the problem I was trying to solve, the industry I was working in, and a team's processes and skills.

If you're struggling with staying focussed on solving the right problems like I used to, you need to build your own system to make Product Discovery work for the environment you work in right now.

You need a system that adapts to the challenges at hand and the ambition level you're trying to tackle.

You need a system that gives you the tools you need - and shows you how to make them work for you and your company.

You need Adaptable Product Discovery.

What is Adaptable Product Discovery?

Adaptable Product Discovery is a Product Discovery Approach that solves the problem of seeing how Product Discovery works in theory but struggling to see how it would ever work in your company.

Scalable Product Discovery Approach

Adaptable Product Discovery allows you to:

  • Understand when to use which technique to get the most out of the time you're able to invest in Product Discovery
  • Take steps towards an evidence-based product culture - independent of where you're starting.
  • Connect the dots easily, so you're able to scale your Product Discovery activities while getting stakeholders and team members on board with the value of Product Discovery.

It's an approach I created as a result of over 10 years of experience working as a Product Manager, Head of Product, and Product Coach, and seeing that it's nearly impossible to make Product Discovery the same across all companies.

With over a decade of Product Management experience, I’ve seen the blind spots of many product teams when it comes to Product Discovery.

But instead of trying to force a given step-by-step process upon them, I teach them how to pick the right techniques *they* need at a given moment. That’s what Adaptable Product Discovery is all about.


The Adaptable Product Discovery Course

In this 9-module online course, you'll learn the most versatile Product Discovery techniques and tactics so you can create your own approach right away.

The Adaptable Product Discovery Course packages my experiences and learning from making Product Discovery work during my 10+ years in product management, working with a broad range of companies across many industries.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

9 Video Modules

The content is structured in a way that every lesson supports you in your daily work right away. Every Module consists of 3-6 individual video lessons you can work through on your own time.

Editable Templates

You get all the materials you need to adapt and facilitate your own Product Discovery. You'll get templates for running alignment workshops, preparing user interviews, running Impact Mapping sessions and more.

Continuously updated content

As I continue to work with individual students and product teams, I will incorporate new insights and case studies into the course curriculum

Proven Strategies and Tactics

The methods taught in the course are based on practical experiences I either collected first hand myself or were able to witness directly.

Hands-on Material & Cases

The course content is designed to support immediate practical application for you and your team members. There's few efforts involved making it work for your situation.

Selected Case Studies

To support your learning journey, you get access to two distinct case studies, covering a b2c and a b2b scenario. You can submit your work and receive feedback directly from me.

Access to Private LinkedIn Group

For continuous peer feedback and support, I host a closed LinkedIn group for course students. In it, you can share challenges your facing, or  feedback and questions around the course material.

Monthly Live Q&A Sessions

I host regular live Q&A sessions during which students can raise and discuss their real life challenges they face with Product Discovery. All sessions get recorded and are made available afterward.

What Students Have to Say

Mastering product discovery is one of the most essential things for any product team or organisation to succeed. Tim's Adaptable Product Discovery Course is a great collection of practical tools, and guided videos, that covers the entire range of discovery.

Jacob Hage

Director of UX and Product Discovery

Tim's course covers a wide range of topics. If you're just getting started as a product manager, you'll end up with a good overview of the role and a collection of tools to dive in. More experienced PMs will still appreciate the templates and tools as reminders for things to try on an upcoming projects.

David Arens

Product Manager

See Exactly What's Inside the Course

Meet the Adaptable Product Discovery Approach

The Adaptable Product Discover Course includes 9 modules showing you exactly how to make Product Discovery work in your company using the Adaptable Product Discovery Approach. Here's how it all breaks down:

Module 1: Setting Product Discovery Priorities 

  • Understanding where to go next and which Product Discovery topics can make a difference.
  • Align Product Discovery with Product Strategy and Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)

Module 2: Creating company-wide alignment around Product Discovery Missions

  • Avoiding shifting priorities with upfront alignment around the problem and the outcome you’re trying to create - Not feature ideas.

Module 3: How to identify and understand the Problem Space

  • Conduct targeted research in-line with your Product Discovery priorities
  • Quantitative and qualitative tools to understand whether the problem, you’re trying to solve, actually exists
  • Variety of tools to choose from, based on your industry and company setup

Module 4: Connecting ideas to company-wide priorities through Impact Mapping

  • Avoid getting lost in solution-details, by ensuring that ideas contribute to what matters to the business
  • Impact Mapping as a collaborative tool to structure insights and evidence, for aligned decision-making

Module 5: Facilitating cross-functional Ideation Workshops

  • No group brainstorming, but leverage the strength of diverse teams to apply creative problem-solving

Module 6: Creating Prototypes to Test Hypotheses

  • Practical Prototype Creation

Module 7: Validating product ideas through Experimentation

  • Structure holistic experiment setups using the Validation Field framework
  • Pick the right quantitative or qualitative experiment to see whether your idea is worth pursuing

Module 8: Turning validated Concepts into a Prioritized Product Backlog

  • Transition what you’ve learned into Product Delivery by slicing a concept into user stories
  • Ensure you’re focussing on shipping the most critical user value first and structure your backlog accordingly

Module 9: Product Discovery Tactics for Remote Teams

  • No matter whether you’re remote by choice or by force - This module teaches you how to make all the tactics discussed in the course work when you’re a distributed team
  • Including editable templates for working in Miro and video guides for using these

Why is this Different?

Learn about Methods THAT work and HOW to make them work IN YOUR ENVIRONMENT.

What makes this course different is its connection to reality. YOUR reality. making it one of the most practical resources on Product Discovery.

Imagine how you working on a problem feels like in a consistent, yet flexible way. By choosing the tools which work best for this given situation, you’re able to facilitate discussions that are based on evidence.

We look at the most effective techniques throughout the entire Product Discovery cycle and how to put them together.

But we won’t use a cookie-cutter approach to get there. I will help you understand which techniques work best for your team and product.

We will start what will work in your company right now. And as your skillset and your product grow, this course will grow with you by teaching you more advanced techniques and how to use them over time.

This course helps you to go beyond research

Against common beliefs, Product Discovery is more than User Research. Understanding the problems of your users is an important part of your work, but not everything. You also need to invest in picking the right Product Discovery priority to pursue, facilitating ideation sessions, picking, and running experiments, and ensuring a transition into delivery.

If you‘re not able to turn insights into validated solutions that help the company/business thrive, nobody will listen.

Not just a set of theoretical frameworks

Instead, the lessons in this course are the result of seeing the actual pains of many product teams out there and my desire to create something to help these teams, no matter their situation, experience, or industry.

This course is different from reading a bunch of individual books and blogs. This won’t help you to form a process that works in your company (believe me, I’ve tried).

Instead, let me tell you about the benefits and pitfalls of a broad range of techniques based on my own experience. You don’t have to translate the vocabulary and methods used by various coaches yourself. You’ll receive a consistent learning experience.

This Product Discovery course provides useful tools for all steps of the discovery process and gives practical guidance on how to use them properly in different settings.

Jakob Diebold

Product Manager

Product Discovery Online Course Tim Herbig Experiences and Review

I find the course provides a robust product discovery process whilst identifying and addressing relevant challenges that will be faced through this non linear process.

Stephen Bloomer

Senior Product Manager


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Your Questions, answered

What if we don't practice Product Discovery in my company yet?

Then this course will be a perfect starting point for you to make your first steps towards more evidence-based discussions. You'll learn how to frame Product Discovery opportunities through Product Strategy and Prioritization. The goal of Scalable Product Discovery is to enable Product Discovery in any environment. So this course is perfect if you want to incorporate Product Discovery practices to make sure you’re actually building solutions that move the needle for customers.

Do I have to complete the course before I can get started with Product Discovery?

Absolutely not! The core idea of the Scalable Product Discovery approach is to support your work exactly where you are today. So, pick the lessons from the course which impact you right now the most, so you can incorporate the lessons learned and tools into your work immediately.

How long will I have access to the course content?

How does “forever” sound? As long as the course exists, you will be able to access the material.

Is this only for Product Managers? I'm a UX Designer, Head of Product, Engineer, or Scrum Master.

No, it’s not. I’m a big believer in making Product Discovery a team effort. This course helps you to learn the most critical skills about Product Discovery, even without prior knowledge about other Product Management responsibilities.

I've tried to do more Product Discovery in the past, but don't get a lot of buy-in.

I feel you - That’s why this course doesn’t jump into tactics right away. By utilizing the techniques shared around opportunity prioritization and alignment, you get practical tools to have a discussion around buy-in. Now, these tools won’t give you full autonomy to do whatever you want right away. But they will help establish a shared understanding about the playing field you’re able to move within. And you can expand from there, by bringing in results, through research, ideation, and validation.

How much time do I need to go through this course?

The course allows you to access all material at the same time, so you don’t have to follow an artificial, linear order. Many students gradually work through the course as they face new challenges and want to pick up new skills and tools. It scales with their career. However, for completion from start to end including the exercises and iterating, you should plan for 12-16 hours.

Can I work through the course at my own pace?

Absolutely! The course is designed to help you learn on your own terms. You can skim the material and pick what you want to learn next whenever you have the time.

Do I get access to you directly through the course?

Yes. As long as you’re enrolled in the course, you are part of our private LinkedIn group and get access to regular Live Q&A calls with me.

Can I get a refund if I don't like the course?

You absolutely can. I offer a full, no questions asked, 30-day money-back guarantee. Just get in touch with me if this is the case.

What if my company doesn't use OKRs?

Don’t worry - Even though I’ll be showing how Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) can be a powerful companion to Scalable Product Discovery, the methods taught in this course don’t depend on it. Instead, many tactics will work independently of your prioritization system.

Will there be new content added to the course?

Yes, I regularly add new material to the course.

Can I get my company to pay for this?


Most students have used their company training budget to enroll in the course. Especially in times like this, many more companies are willing to invest in online training resources. Here's a resource that will help you to convince your boss or HR department.

Will I actually be able to facilitate a Product Discovery after completing the course?

Yes! My goal is to provide you with all the knowledge, information, and the techniques you need to confidently facilitate a successful Product Discovery. Everything included in this course is what I wish I had known before I started running Product Discoveries, and also stuff I've built up over time and loads of real-life experience doing Discoveries with a range of different companies. Something you feel like you’re missing at the end? Just tell me and we’ll make it happen!

I have a question I'd like answered before I buy - who should I talk to?

Please email me directly via and I’m very happy to help you.

Can I find all of this information online for free?

In theory, you probably could, and I believe in enabling as many Product Teams as possible to own and develop their individual Product Discovery processes. However, to get all the information in a structured way, and all the templates and materials for free would be really hard and would take hours of piecing bits of information together.

The problem with many blogs, conference talks and books out there is that they describe Product Discovery in an ideal world, or how it worked for their very specific context, company, and project. That doesn’t help you with finding your own way. Most of the material out there (including other online courses) only look at specific elements of the Product Discovery process (e.g. User Research). To my knowledge, this is the only course helping you to set up your own Product Discovery system, you can adapt to our own needs.

About Your Course Teacher, Tim Herbig

Tim Herbig Product Management Portrait

Tim is an experienced Product Leader who has worked on a broad range of b2c and b2b products throughout the years. By putting the people on his teams first, he not only learned what it takes to build a great product but also how to form teams that love to work together. His work is influenced by the belief in a set of core principles around how to build successful teams and products.

It is his mission to enable organizations to help product teams become the best version of themselves. He's convinced that true self-organization of cross-functional teams can only be built upon trust and given autonomy to democratize as many processes as possible around building products and organizations.

Tim Herbig Product Discovery Workshop Testimonial Grupa Pacuj

Product Discovery workshop facilitated by Tim was full of knowledge and practice. Tim's scenario assumed intensive work and it was fully executed. At the same time Tim was open to questions and talks about internal cases/problems. I highly recommend Product Discovery workshop for whole product teams (including researchers, developers and scrum masters).

Małgorzata Skonieczna

Research Expert at Grupa Pracuj

Michael Rohrer Product Discovery Workshop Tim Herbig Testimonial

Tim did an excellent job coaching us on product discovery. The training was very well thought out, energizing, bringing lots of tools; with both substantial and in-depth knowledge, together with a case study.

Michael Rohrer

Head of Software Products at WORLDSENSING

Why now is the best time to learn about Adaptable Product Discovery

Let’s face it: There will never be a perfect time to get started with Product Discovery. There will always be other distractions and priorities waiting for you to be dealt with.

It’s easy to feel like you need to wait until there’s enough buy-in, a perfect product strategy, better OKRs etc. But as Product Managers, you have the responsibility to own the process of creating better conditions for Product Discovery. If only, you’d have the right tools at your disposal.

The Adaptable Product Discovery approach supports you in taking the first steps towards making Product Discovery an integral part of your work.


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