The Adaptable Product Discovery Course

Become confident about your Product Discovery.
No matter where you work.

Learn a more flexible way to help customers succeed and achieve business goals through Adaptable Product Discovery.

Learn the principles and strategies that go into effective Product Discovery processes. And more importantly, discover how to use the Adaptable Product Discovery approach to make the processes work for your company and reality—right away and step-by-step.

Why Product Discovery feels
tough to implement in YOUR Company

You’re stuck with “by the book” advice.

You know you need a Product Discovery process to serve customers with better solutions, but struggle to get buy-in from your company to implement discovery “by the book.”

You don't know when to use which Technique.

Most Product Discovery books and courses out there teach a rather rigid approach to Discovery. They don’t show you how to adapt the best practices to serve the challenges and characteristics of your real-life work environment.

You get sucked into Delivery details every time.

Most of your time is consumed by making sure there are enough user stories in the backlog and specifying tickets down to the last detail, so the solutions look exactly the way the CEO wants them to look. To counter this solution focus, you need a flexible approach that allows you to explore the problem space connected to business priorities BEFORE the discussion of features starts.

It doesn’t need to be this way. I have helped Product Teams across the globe to overcome challenges like this by prioritizing their Discovery practices based on collected insights and evidence—not on an artificial order. That’s how the Adaptable Product Discovery approach came to life.

The Adaptable Product Discovery Approach

Adaptable Product Discovery Hexagon with Titles - Nonlinear

Though individual Product Discovery phases benefit one another, there’s no need to follow a rigid, prescribed order to succeed. Depending on your context, certain phases may not even be necessary. 

You need to write your own playbook. You should feel confident to go back, jump ahead, or repeat any of these phases as you gather new insights.

After more than six years helping teams to focus on problems that matter, I started wondering how I could help Product Managers find their path through the Product Discovery jungle.

Team after team showed me that there is no one path to rule them all. Instead, it’s about equipping teams with the skills, methods, and confidence to define and execute their individual approaches.

This led me to the creation of the Adaptable Product Discovery approach.

How it Works

Adaptable Product Discovery helps teams connect the most important Product Discovery activities and strategies in a way that fits their challenges, companies, and industry.

Here’s what you need to know about how Adaptable Product Discovery works:

  1. Prioritize and frame the right problem space through Strategy, Goals, and Roadmaps—because Product Discovery doesn’t happen in a vacuum.
  2. Discover the six core pillars of the Adaptable Product Discovery approach: Alignment, Research, Ideation, Creation, Validation, and Refinement.
  3. Learn which pillars to leverage in every situation, depending on the insights you’ve gathered so far and the time and resources available in your company.

And you can learn exactly how to do this yourself through the Adaptable Product Discovery Course.

Adaptable Product Discovery Course Content Preview Image

Course Overview

Module 1

Welcome to the Course

In this introduction, we’ll set you up for success. You’ll learn more about how the course is structured, the resources and templates available, and how to best use them to master and implement APD in your company.

Module 2

Product Discovery Basics

APD Course Module 2 Preview Image

In this module, you’ll get to know the fundamental concepts of Product Discovery. Meaning, we discuss the core intent of Discovery, the most important phases of Discovery, and how to distinguish between the problem and solution space in practice. Besides, we also clarify the difference and relationship of Product Discovery and Product Delivery.

Module 3

Framing Product Discovery for Focus and Buy-in

Module 3 Preview Image 2

This module focuses on enabling Product Discovery in your company in the first place—because the success of your Discovery doesn’t just depend on how good you are at interviewing customers. We tackle specific tactics to create more clarity around your team-level Product Strategy, Product Goals, and Product Roadmap, as well as explore how these connect to Discovery activities.

Module 4

How to Get Started With Your Product Discovery

APD Course Module 4 Preview Image

Here, we get to know the structures needed for taking the very first steps during Product Discovery: selecting Discovery priorities, structuring relevant meetings, connecting Discovery to the day-to-day Delivery activities of Product Teams, and deciding who will be involved to what degree during Discovery.

Module 5

Aligning Around the Problem Space

APD Course Module 5 Preview Image

This module explores one of the first core disciplines of Adaptable Product Discovery: Alignment. You will learn about separating solution- and problem-focused alignment, as well as how to use the Mission Briefing as a practical format for establishing alignment in your company.

Module 6

Navigating and Understanding the Problem Space

APD Course Module 6 Preview Image

After prioritizing and framing the problem space, this module helps you navigate the nonlinear reality of turning qualitative and quantitative data into actionable research insights. You’ll learn how to articulate research intent before selecting the RIGHT technique and, most importantly, how to prioritize the user problems that matter for your overarching goals—instead of drowning in feedback from everyone.

Module 7

Developing Solutions That Change Behaviors

APD Course Module 7 Preview Image

Customer behaviors don’t change just because you understand the problem. That’s why this module equips you with creative techniques to harness the collaborative power of your Discovery collaborators to come up with ideas that go beyond iterating the status quo. Furthermore, we discuss practical strategies for prioritizing your range of options for the next step: validating ideas through experiments.

Module 8

Determining Confidence Through Evidence

APD Course Module 8 Preview Image v2

This module provides clarity on the key aspects for selecting and planning the right techniques to validate prioritized solutions. Reducing uncertainty and identifying if an idea will actually create the results you set out to achieve requires confidence through qualitative and quantitative experiments. This module will help you establish a structure for your validation efforts, as well as learn the most effective experimentation techniques.

Module 9

Shipping Validated Ideas Based on Customer Value

APD Course Module 9 Preview Image

So what do you do “next,” after you have validated solutions? Get the answer by understanding why Adaptable Product Discovery doesn’t stop after running an A/B test. We’ll discuss the “MVP misunderstanding” and how to collaboratively slice ideas to gradually deliver value along the lines of customer problems and business value.

Module 10

Course Summary and Takeaways

APD Course Module 10 Preview Image

This module focuses on helping you put what you have learned into action. In addition to the exercises found in every module, this is the time to reflect on the key concepts of the entire course, as well as set up your individual action plan to change the way you work in a sustainable way.

Why is this course different?

Real-life Lessons in b2b and b2c

The concepts taught in this course are based on my own practical experiences from in-house positions and working with various teams owning different b2b and b2c products across different product lifecycle stages. That’s why we do not just focus on concepts, but what it takes to implement them and what to avoid. We achieve that through two case studies accompanying us through the entire course, with real-life examples of how the different phases of Discovery can be approached.

Guided Implementation

Every module contains multiple practical exercises to transfer the strategies and tactics taught into your own practice right away. Through specific instructions, you learn about the right questions to ask for changing the way Discovery works in your company. In addition, the course workbook ensures continuous reflection for grasping how to make these concepts work for you.

Ready-to-Use Resources

When it’s time to get back to work, you can rely on a variety of templates, resources, guides, and cheat sheets I share with you throughout the course. Meaning, you get access to the very same templates I use to implement APD when working with teams. You’ll get my Mission Briefing template and cheat sheets, the practical guide to Impact Mapping, my Validation Grid to structure Experimentation, instructions for using User Story Mapping in practice, and many other resources.

Live Learning and Q&A Formats

One thing I have heard from students on a regular basis is that they want more support for continued learning after starting this course. That’s why your enrollment includes access to one of the quarterly six-week learning cohorts I regularly host for students. These live cohorts are kept small with no more than six participants. So you’ll get the chance to talk to me directly to reflect on the course content and its practical application, as well as to interact with other practitioners of the Adaptable Product Discovery approach.

Get Started Now

Learn as a Team

Many companies have already chosen the path to amplify Product Discovery throughout their entire organization and have enrolled multiple teams in this course for group learning. If you’re interested in enrolling one or more teams, please reach out to me directly for information on bulk discounts and a custom learning setup for your company.

What Students have to Say

Alicia Yáñez Product Discovery Course Tim Herbig Testimonial

"This was an excellent class and broke down the entire process of discovery into manageable steps. I highly recommend this class!

Alicia Yáñez, Director of Product Management at Etsy

Markus Schmidl Product Discovery Course Tim Herbig Testimonial

"A great self-paced course that guides you all the way from product discovery basics, setting outcome goals, navigating the discovery process and turning validated ideas into MVPs. Great mix of concepts and practical application. I already have at least 3 concepts that I'll bring to my team in the next weeks!"

Markus Schmidl, Product Manager at Alasco

About Your Course Teacher, Tim Herbig

Tim Herbig Product Management Portrait

As a Product Management coach and creator of the Adaptable Product Discovery approach, I work with product managers and teams around the globe to connect the dots through empathy and structure. By introducing confidence and skills to their way of working, I ensure that they can and want to own their Product Strategy, Goals, and Product Discovery.

For more than 10 years, I worked in various in-house and consulting roles as a Product Manager and Head of Product. I constantly challenged myself to make an evidence-informed way of working part of industries like publishing, professional networking, and building Enterprise-level SaaS applications. I know what it takes to balance large-scale product iterations with the scrappiness of a pre-Product-Market-Fit state.

Your Questions, Answered

What if we don’t practice Product Discovery in my company yet?

The goal of Adaptable Product Discovery is to enable Product Discovery in any environment. This course will be a perfect starting point for you to take your first steps toward more evidence-based discussions. You’ll learn how to frame Product Discovery opportunities through Product Strategy and Prioritization. So this course is perfect if you want to incorporate Product Discovery practices to make sure you’re actually building solutions that move the needle for customers.

We already use some Product Discovery techniques. Do we need to throw everything overboard to implement the course content?

Definitely not. For some techniques, the course will simply show how to execute them in a better way. For other techniques, you will learn how to use them in the first place. But, most importantly, I emphasize how they can be connected. So, instead of having to introduce one large, rigid process, you can improve your Product Discovery process bit by bit.

Does Adaptable Product Discovery work for both b2b and b2c?

Yes, it does. As I want to acknowledge the differences (and similarities) between how b2b and b2b teams need to approach certain aspects of Product Discovery, the course constantly considers both angles—from mentioning the pros and cons of individual techniques to two in-depth case studies that walk you through a b2b and b2b Discovery process from start to finish.

I didn’t get a lot of buy-in for Product Discovery in the past. Do you address this?

I feel you. That’s why this course doesn’t jump into tactics right away. By utilizing the techniques shared around opportunity prioritization and alignment, you get practical tools to have a discussion around buy-in. Now, these tools won’t give you full autonomy to do whatever you want right away. But they will help establish a shared understanding about the playing field you’re able to move within. And you can expand from there, by bringing in results, through research, ideation, and validation.

Do I need to complete the course before I can get started with Product Discovery?

Absolutely not! The core idea of the Adaptable Product Discovery approach is to support your work exactly where you are today. So, pick the lessons from the course that impact you right now the most, so you can incorporate the lessons learned and tools into your work immediately. The course is designed so you can implement as you go, through guided exercises and ready-to-use resources.

How long will I have access to the course content?

How does “forever” sound? As long as the course exists, you will
be able to access the material as well as all future updates.

How do the live cohorts work?

The live cohorts happen on a quarterly basis. You get access to the cohort signup calendar once you have purchased the course. Your enrollment includes participation in one of the live cohorts. Once you have picked your slot, you receive the calendar invite, Zoom link, and instructions for the sessions. The sessions happen on a weekly basis over the course of six weeks. They are informal and more focused on the participants than on an agenda. Think of it as a live training with extensive Q&A.

Can I work through the course at my own pace?

Absolutely! The course is designed to help you learn on your own terms. You’ll also get access to all the modules at once, so you can skim the material and pick what you want to learn next whenever you have the time.

How much access do I get to you, Tim?

If you sign up for one of the live learning cohorts: a lot. These are your chance to engage with me directly as you work through the course content and experience the first challenges when implementing the concepts in your everyday work.

Can I get my company to pay for this?

Most students have used their company training budget to enroll in the course. Especially in times like this, many more companies are willing to invest in online training resources. Here’s a resource that will help you to convince your boss or HR department.

How much time do I need in order to go through this course?

The course allows you to access all the material at the same time, so you don’t need to follow an artificial, linear order. Many students gradually work through the course as they face new challenges and want to pick up new skills and tools. It scales with their career. However, for completion from start to end including the exercises and iterating, you should plan for 12 hours.

I have a question I’d like answered before I buy. Who should I talk to?

Please email me directly ( I’m very happy to help you.

Couldn’t I find all of this information online for free?

In theory, you probably could, and I believe in enabling as many Product Teams as possible to own and develop their individual Product Discovery processes. However, to get all this information in a structured way, and all the templates and materials for free would be really difficult and would take hours of piecing bits of information together.

The problem with many of the blogs, conference talks, and books out there is that they describe Product Discovery in an ideal world, or how it worked for their very specific context, company, and project. That doesn’t help you with finding your own way. Most of the materials out there (including other online courses) look only at specific elements of the Product Discovery process (e.g., User Research). To my knowledge, this is the only course that helps you to set up your own Product Discovery system that you can adapt to your own needs.

Why now is the best time to learn
about Adaptable Product Discovery

Adaptable Product Discovery Hexagon with Titles - Nonlinear

Let’s face it: There will never be a perfect time to get started with Product Discovery. There will always be distractions and other priorities for you to deal with.

It’s easy to feel like you need to wait until there’s enough buy-in, a perfect product strategy, better OKRs, etc. But as Product Managers, you have the responsibility to own the process of creating better conditions for Product Discovery. And you can do this easily when you have the right tools at your disposal. 

The Adaptable Product Discovery approach supports you in taking the first steps toward making Product Discovery an integral part of your work. No matter where you work.

Lea Hohl Product Discovery Course Tim Herbig Testimonial

"The course enabled us in the team to have a structured discussion in the team and build up a shared framework as well as a shared glossary. We really enjoyed the conversation as a team, and we are looking forward to improve our way of working further.

Lea Hohl, Head of Product & UX at Happimag

"Mastering product discovery is one of the most essential things for any product team or organisation to succeed. Tim's Adaptable Product Discovery Course is a great collection of practical tools, and guided videos, that covers the entire range of discovery."

Jacob Hage, Director of UX and Product Discovery

Sam Rudolph Tim Herbig Product OKRs Course Review

"A thoughtful synthesis of all the best product discovery frameworks and resources out there."

Sam Rudolph, Product Strategy Lead at dcbel

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