Adaptable Product Discovery Training

Learn how to use Adaptable Product Discovery to solve the right problems for your customers

This training allows teams and individuals to learn the critical skills needed to execute Product Discovery independent of their industry or company size.

In this hands-on training you’ll learn:

  • How to create alignment before Product Discovery starts
  • How to actually understand and interpret user needs
  • How to connect feature ideas to user problems and company priorities
  • How to validate ideas holistically
  • How to create a Product Discovery system that works in YOUR company
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The problem with Product Discovery - the way most companies try to do it

Product Teams have to stop seeing Product Discovery as a rigid list of tasks to be completed that things changed.

Instead, Product Discovery describes a series of cross-functional activities that seek to define evidence-based answers to two key questions:

  1. Is this a problem worth solving?
  2. Is this a solution worth pursuing?
Adaptable Product Discovery Problem Space

The combination of these activities needs to be adaptable and non-linear, based on the problem you’re trying to solve, the industry you work in, and your team's processes and skills.

If you're struggling with staying focussed on solving the right problems like I used to, you need to build your system to make Product Discovery work for the environment you work in right now.

And in this training, you will learn the strategies, tactics, and frameworks required to get these answers and make them work in your company.

Key Takeaways from this Training

  • Why Product Strategy, Product Goals, and Roadmaps are closely linked to how effective your Product Discovery can be.
  • How to create alignment around what you’re trying to achieve, without discussing solutions too early.
  • The importance of structuring your research questions instead of randomly starting to talk to your users.
  • Why focussing on solving problems that matter for your customers AND the company beats a rigid focus on talking to users for its sake.
  • How IMPACT, OUTCOMES, and OUTPUTS relate to Product Discovery activities and the clarity these create.
  • How you can harness the creative power of your whole team to create ideas in a structured way.
  • How cross-functional teams can structure and execute idea validation ensures usability, feasibility, and desirability of a new feature idea.

Practical Exercises taught in this Training

  • Crafting a Product Strategy everybody understands and that enables Product Discovery
  • Co-creating a Mission Briefing for actual alignment around the problem space
  • Designing research efforts that match the challenge ahead
    Documenting existing insights and choosing next actions using Impact Mapping
  • Setting up holistic experiment tracks using the Validation Field
  • Transitioning validated ideas into prioritized backlog items using User Story Mapping
  • Solving a b2c- or b2b-related product challenge as a cross-functional team
Remote Product Discovery Training Group Exercise

For whom this Training is

  • Product Managers/Product Owners operating in environments of any scale, complexity, and maturity
  • Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches who want to learn new ways of supporting their product teams during Product Discovery
  • Engineers, Designers, and Marketeers who want to participate in iterative Product Discovery Processes instead of standing on the sideline.
  • Directors/Heads of/Team Leads Product who want to enable their teams to discover product opportunities truly matter.
  • CEOs who want to learn more about the impact of genuinely Agile product development on their company

Next Training Dates

No Public Trainings scheduled at this time. Reach out to learn more about an in-house version of this training

What Participants are Saying

Michael Rohrer Product Discovery Workshop Tim Herbig Testimonial

Tim did an excellent job coaching us on product discovery. The training was very well thought out, energizing, bringing lots of tools; with both substantial and in-depth knowledge, together with a case study.

Michael Rohrer

Head of Software Products at WORLDSENSING

Tim Herbig Product Discovery Workshop Testimonial Grupa Pacuj

Product Discovery workshop facilitated by Tim was full of knowledge and practice. Tim's scenario assumed intensive work and it was fully executed. At the same time Tim was open to questions and talks about internal cases/problems. I highly recommend Product Discovery workshop for whole product teams (including researchers, developers and scrum masters).

Małgorzata Skonieczna

Research Expert at Grupa Pracuj

Your Questions, Answered

How does the online version of this training work?

There's a 12-people participant limit to ensure an engaging online training experience. The vast majority of time will be spent in individual, pair, and group exercises to transfer inputs shared by the trainer into practical reality
Throughout the training, the participants will work through a fictional b2c or b2b case study. The training will be facilitated through Zoom and Miro.

How long does the training take?

The online version of this training consists of three 5-hour training blocks, with plenty of breaks in between to unwind and reflect. The onsite version of the training is typically taught as a 2-day program.

What if we don't practice Product Discovery in my company yet?

Then this training will be a perfect starting point for you to make your first steps towards more evidence-based discussions. You'll learn how to frame Product Discovery opportunities through Product Strategy and Prioritization. The goal of Adaptable Product Discovery is to enable Product Discovery in any environment. So this course is perfect if you want to incorporate Product Discovery practices to make sure you’re actually building solutions that move the needle for customers.

I've tried to do more Product Discovery in the past, but don't get a lot of buy-in.

I feel you - That’s why this training doesn’t jump into tactics right away. By utilizing the techniques shared around opportunity prioritization and alignment, you get practical tools to have a discussion around buy-in. Now, these tools won’t give you full autonomy to do whatever you want right away. But they will help establish a shared understanding about the playing field you’re able to move within. And you can expand from there, by bringing in results, through research, ideation, and validation.

Is the training also available as an in-house format?

Yes, I'm happy to discuss your requirements to shape a customized Product Discovery training format for your company. Get in touch using this form

Do I get access to the taught materials afterward?

Yes, you'll get access to all the shown slides, as well as .pdf versions of the used frameworks and an extensive list of additional helpful resources.

Is there a self-paced online version available?

Yes - You can check out my self-paced Adaptable Product Discovery Course for that.

Why is this Different?

Learn about Methods THAT work and HOW to make them work IN YOUR ENVIRONMENT.

What makes this training different is its connection to reality. YOUR reality. making it one of the most practical resources on Product Discovery.

Imagine how you working on a problem feels like in a consistent, yet flexible way. By choosing the tools which work best for this given situation, you’re able to facilitate discussions that are based on evidence.

We look at the most effective techniques throughout the entire Product Discovery cycle and how to put them together.

But we won’t use a cookie-cutter approach to get there. I will help you understand which techniques work best for your team and product.

We will start what will work in your company right now. And as your skillset and your product grow, the lessons learned in this training will grow with you by teaching you more advanced techniques and how to use them over time.

Product Discovery Process Overview

This training helps you to go beyond research

Against common beliefs, Product Discovery is more than User Research. Understanding the problems of your users is an important part of your work, but not everything. You also need to invest in picking the right Product Discovery priority to pursue, facilitating ideation sessions, picking, and running experiments, and ensuring a transition into delivery.

If you‘re not able to turn insights into validated solutions that help the company/business thrive, nobody will listen.

Not just a set of theoretical frameworks

Instead, the materials in this training are the result of seeing the actual pains of many product teams out there and my desire to create something to help these teams, no matter their situation, experience, or industry.

This training is different from reading a bunch of individual books and blogs. This won’t help you to form a process that works in your company (believe me, I’ve tried).

Instead, let me tell you about the benefits and pitfalls of a broad range of techniques based on my own experience. You don’t have to translate the vocabulary and methods used by various coaches yourself. You’ll receive a consistent learning experience.

About Your Trainer, Tim Herbig

Tim Herbig Product Management Portrait

As a Product Coach, Tim has helped dozens of teams do build better products through Product Discovery, Outcome Goals, and Tangible Product Strategy. Tim is the creator of the Adaptable Product Discovery method, which helps Product Teams navigate the challenges of non-linear Product Discovery, independent of their company size or industry.

Tim's work is informed by more than 10 years working as a Product Leader helping develop a broad range of B2C and B2B products.

It is his mission to enable organizations to help product teams become the best version of themselves. He's convinced that cross-functional teams’ real self-organization can only be built upon trust and given autonomy to democratize as many processes as possible around building products and organizations.