Articles on Product Management, Business Leadership, and Team Collaboration

Articles on Product Management, Business Leadership, and Team Collaboration

How to run a Product Discovery: A Full Step by Step Guide

Nailing the Product Discovery is an ambitious task for every product manager. Here‘s a hands-on plan for approaching it.
When the roadmaps for the year ahead get crafted, you should place the topics you and your team want to tackle on a timeline.
Most often, the topics result from the epics you've worked on before, user feedback or top-down business goals for your department.

How to combine Objectives and Key Results (OKR) and Agile Product Management

How Objectives and Key Results relate to Agile Product Management

Objectives and Key Results (OKR) are a powerful way to enable autonomous (product) teams while keeping a company-wide focus on building what matters. And while there are few 'hard' rules around how to implement OKR, there certainly are some best practices to follow when you want to see it unfold its true potential.

Product Management Conferences: The Complete List (2020 Update)

Product Management Conferences 2020 Guide

Product Management Conferences are a valuable opportunity to get inspiration for your daily work through new input and build a robust network. Both are incredibly important to make progress in your career as a product manager.
To help you cut through the noise of all the conferences out there, I put together this comprehensive overview of the most relevant conferences out there. 

40 Product Management Books you should read in 2019

3rd Blog anniversary of

If you want to progress your career as a product manager, learning through reading books is undoubtedly a great way to do so. That is why I’ve put together this comprehensive collection of Product Management Books which will help you to improve your skills across a broad range.

Product Management Tasks - A Guide through Responsibilities of your Job

Product Management Career Paths

Not every company provides enough clarity about the product management tasks which are expected from their employees. That's why this extensive guide will walk you through the general expectations on that role and which specific domains you need to master to become a successful Product Manager.