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Product Discovery: A Practical Guide for Agile Teams (2020)

Product Discovery Post 2020 Preview Image

When roadmaps for the year ahead get crafted, you should be able to rank the themes you and your team want to work on.

By then, it's mostly clear what to work on from a high-level perspective. But as a Product Manager you might wonder which problem exactly needs to be solved next? And how can you generate the biggest impact?

This is the point at which a well-prepared and insightful product discovery process enters the stage.

Product Goals: Using Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) for Agile Teams

How Objectives and Key Results relate to Agile Product Management

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) are a powerful way to enable autonomous (product) teams while keeping a company-wide focus on building what matters. Also, while there are few 'hard' rules around how to implement OKR, there indeed are some best practices to follow when you want to see it unfold its real potential.

However, when you introduce a progressive tool like OKRs to an organization which is already working using Agile methodologies, you can run into some challenges: How do OKRs and Epics relate? What is the impact of OKRs on my product roadmap? In which way can I integrate OKRs into my existing Scrum routines?