Webinar: Recognizing and Avoiding Confirmation Bias in Product Discovery

Webinar: Recognizing and Avoiding Confirmation Bias in Product Discovery

Effective Product Discovery is all about uncovering new user behaviors worth changing and staying in the problem space as long as possible. But when stakeholders or team members are already convinced that a specific feature is 'the solution', staying focussed on the problem becomes a challenge.

This is commonly known as confirmation bias. A typical, yet hard to overcome, cognitive bias. The problem with it is, that confirmation-bias puts a pre-existing solution at the center of your journey instead of letting you focus problems you seek to uncover.

In this webinar, we will take a closer look at the root causes of confirmation bias in organizations and how product teams can deal with it in the context of problem-oriented Product Discovery.

Some of the topics we will discuss in this webinar:

  • What differentiates confirmation bias from other cognitive biases
  • Why stakeholders and team members are prawn to confirmation bias
  • Tools and Techniques to recognize confirmation bias during your Product Discovery
  • How Product Teams can avoid it during their Product Discovery activities

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The goal of this webinar is to give you a preview of an effective and well-structured yet modular Product Discovery system you can utilize to tackle these challenges.

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For whom this webinar is

  • University Graduates and Entry-Level Product Managers who want to expand their skill set beyond Product Delivery
  • Experienced Product Managers who are looking for hands-on tips on how to make their Product Discovery process more effective
  • CPOs or Heads of Product who want to gather inspiration for being a better sparring partner for their product teams when it comes to Product Discovery
  • Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches who want to start enabling their team to approach the WHAT of building products in a more structured way
  • Product Designers who are looking to improve their Product Discovery skills in collaboration with the Product Manager and Development Team

About your Host

Tim is an experienced product discovery coach, consultant, author, and speaker. He previously shaped digital products at konversionsKRAFT, XING, Gruner+Jahr, and several smaller startups where he held product leadership roles for more than nine years. Tim also regularly co-organizes the Product Tank Hamburg meetup and is the host of the Product Practitioners community.

Tim Herbig Speaking

What People say about working with me

​Tim Herbig has conducted various product discoveries and product owner coaching sessions for us. He convinces with his methodical knowledge, his radical customer focus and his extensive experience in the development of digital products.

Christian Evers Chief Digital Officer Engel & Völkers

Tim Herbig Product Discovery Workshop Testimonial Grupa Pacuj

​Product Discovery workshop facilitated by Tim was full of knowledge and practice. Tim's scenario assumed intensive work and it was fully executed. At the same time Tim was open to questions and talks about internal cases/problems. I highly recommend Product Discovery workshop for whole product teams (including researchers, developers and scrum masters). It helps to see whole picture of creating the product in company and place discovery phase in it. Tim showed us how to work on the discovery process in small steps.

Małgorzata Skonieczna ​Research Expert at Grupa Pracuj

Tobias Schneider Product Discovery Training Tim Herbig Testimonial

​Tim provided me the missing pieces for next level product discovery! Hands-on and deep insights a perfect combination between theory and practice. I can highly recommend the workshop for Product Manager and executives. Thank you!

Tobias Schneider ​Head of Product at Fitogram

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Sign up to get access to the full-length webinar replay including the entire Q&A and exclusive discount offer for webinar participants.