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I offer different tools, techniques, and approaches for helping product teams to improve the way they solve user problems and contribute to business goals that matter.

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I want to empower Product Teams to become the best version of themselves. The majority of my content and offerings is build around this purpose. It's one of the main reasons why I get up in the morning and one of the last things I have in mind before logging-off from work in the evening.

I don't believe that the number of written user stories or shipped products can tell you anything about the success of your team. Furthermore, I want to equip product teams with the necessary skills to focus on changing the behavior of customers and allow for meaningful contributions to strategic priorities.

To achieve that, I focus on the domains of Product Strategy, Product OKRs, and Product Discovery. From my experience, these three are inherently linked and presumed gaps in one of them often stems from a lack of skill or enablement in one of the others. So, even if my work is focused on one of these domains, I encourage a holistic perspective when working with teams.

Here's how I approach working with product teams:

  • I help them with understanding the consequences of the choices they made.
  • I offer a range of alternatives that could be used to tackle the same challenges, just with different consequences.
  • I hands-on support the implementation of said alternatives to ensure an actual change in behavior.
Florian Stambula Head of Product Experience Review Tim Herbig Product Management Coaching

"Tim was instrumental in establishing new product management knowledge and skills in our product department. We worked with Tim in several superbly run remote workshops, 1:1 coaching sessions and participated in his Product Discovery Course that I highly recommend. Tim has been an empathetic coach, adapting to our specific needs. By introducing practices we got to know through Tim, we were able to rapidly professionalize our product development that today produces meaningful outcome for our users and organisation."

Florian Stambula,
Head of Product at Head of Product DER STANDARD

Sarah Reeves Product Ops StepStone Tim Herbig Recommendation

"Tim’s depth and breadth of working knowledge has been invaluable in helping our product teams on their journey towards better product practices. Whether it’s through product discovery training and 121 coaching, ask-me-anything sessions or OKR coaching, Tim has enabled our product people to gain a much deeper understanding of user centric product development and develop an outcome-driven approach."

Sarah Reeves,
Senior Product Operations Manager at StepStone

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Product Discovery Training and Coaching

I believe in the necessity of individual paths to working through the problem and solution space of Product Discovery. My Product Discovery training and coaching work is informed by the belief that Product Discovery consists of a series of non-linear, collaborative, and data-based activities.

Differentiating the Problem Space and Solution Space of Product Discovery

These are some of the formats for working with me in the context of Product Discovery:

  • Product Discovery Assessment for an objectified understanding of the status quo in regards to practices and starting points for improving Discovery skills among teams.
  • Product Discovery Scaling Support to enable the sustainable adoption of Product Discovery practices across an entire organization.
  • Product Discovery Training for helping your Product Teams understand the fundamental ways of thinking and essential techniques for getting started. Check out my public Product Discovery Training Dates and Options
  • Product Discovery Coaching for continuous work with cross-functional product teams to provide hands-on support to one or multiple Product Teams on their quest to understanding the Problem and Solution Space.
  • Self-paced Product Discovery Learning through my Adaptable Product Discovery Course.
Timon Reinhard Telekom Tim Herbig Product Management Experience Reference

"Tim has been an invaluable asset in guiding us through the challenging decision-making process for our product direction. His unique talent lies in distilling complex concepts into actionable steps, following a pragmatic approach that effectively closed gaps in our product strategy while ensuring alignment with our business goals. Tim's objective analysis and skill in facilitating productive discussions were highly effective, enabling us to make well-informed decisions. Looking ahead, we have solid plans to continue collaborating with Tim to expand the impact of our strategic decisions within our product teams, with a primary emphasis on harnessing the power of product discovery."

Timon Reinhard,
Lead Product Manager at Deutsche Telekom

Impact Mapping Workshop Tim Herbig Testimonial Quote

"Tim facilitated a workshop on Impact Mapping for the product team at Forto during “Product Week”, our week-long learning & development event. Tim’s workshop was easily one of the team’s favorites. We found the workshop enlightening, inspiring, and most of all, practical for use in our day-to-day product work. Tim, thank you for spending time with the product team at Forto. You were the perfect ending to Product Week. I hope to continue working with you in the future!"

Chiara Cokieng,
Product Ops at Forto

Julia Wissel Product Director Testimonial Tim Herbig Product Discovery Workshop

"I can definitely recommend the workshop; the group size of 12 people was ideal to allow for collaboration & open exchange. It was a good balance between theory & practice, and was applicable not just for stream-aligned but also data, complicated subsystem and platform teams. Tim was super quick in adapting to & understanding our individual challenges – a clear recommendation from my side."

Julia Wissel, Director Product at MOIA

Product Strategy Sparring and Training

Product Strategy is about articulating your data-informed plan to win in the market you have chosen to compete in. And it doesn't matter how big, small, old, or new product is. This is a clarity every product team needs and most of them lack. Together, we can change that.

I believe in the power of context-driven Product Strategy. This approach helps teams to articulate how they plan to win beyond the buzzwords. By understanding the goals and pillars of your strategy, as well as the gaps you need to fill, you can arrive at an easy-to-communicate essence of your Product Strategy.

The Gaps in your Product Strategy inform your OKR priorities

These are some of the formats for working with me in the context of Product Discovery:

  • Product Strategy Workshop for collaborative creation of your Product Strategy. By using the Product Field and Impact Mapping as a lens for identifying the core relationships between your most important strategy ingredients, you will be able to kick off adjacent processes like roadmap planning, OKR definition, and Product Discovery.
  • Product Strategy Sparring for discussions about your current strategic direction and critical challenging of your choices and next steps.
  • Product Strategy Training for helping to expand the strategic toolbox of your teams. Effective Product Strategy is more than the by-the-book application of a canvas. It requires knowledge about the right techniques that help turn the exchange of opinions into evidence-informed strategic diverging and converging. Learn more about my Product Strategy Training formats and structures
  • For public self-paced and cohort-based Product Strategy education, check out my Path to Product Strategy course.
Benjamin Wiesrecker Tim Herbig Product Strategy Experience Reference

"Tim greatly supported me with his extensive knowledge in defining our new product strategy in individual coaching sessions. Other key topics were the connections between the product and corporate strategy, the implementation of the strategy, and the link to our OKRs. Above all, I benefited from his broad methodological knowledge and many practical examples."

Benjamin Wiesrecker, Director Product at

Sven Ferber Tim Herbig Product Strategy Recommendation

"Tim helped us in our product area to gain a uniform understanding of the topic of product strategy. In addition to the theory, the accompanying practical group work, in particular, ensured that what we had learned could be applied directly. When working with Tim, you notice that he has immense experience and can easily get to grips with new domains."

Sven Ferber, Director Technology at Chrono24

Tim Herbig Product Discovery Coaching Testimonial - eCademy

"Tim for the win. Tim accompanied us in the development of our product strategy. His sound and at the same time pragmatic approach has helped us to link our product strategy with our business goals, to derive concrete next steps and to cast them into first OKRs. His input - both in personal workshops and through his courses and articles - not only informs our strategy work, but also helps our teams in their daily doing."

Benjamin Wüstenhagen, Managing Director & CPO at Cornelsen eCademy

Supporting the Adoption of OKRs in Product Management

Over the last years, a growing number of product companies started adopting Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) to set their goals. For Product Managers, that's great news because OKRs help you create more focus and align your efforts with the whole company. At least, in theory.

Don't work with me on your OKRs if you're expecting a blueprint for "working like Google." Instead, my work is focused on helping organizations and teams to understand their reason why behind using OKRs and how to use it accordingly. My unfair advantage in this domain is that I I know what it takes to make OKRs work for product teams without just adding another process layer.

How the Delivery Progress of Backlog Items determines the success of set Product Management Key Results

These are some of the formats for working with me in the context of OKRs in Product Management:

  • Using OKRs in Product Management Training for helping team members and (future) OKR Champions to understand the fundamentals of using OKRs in agile environments and connecting it to existing practices like Discovery and Scrum.
  • OKR Review and OKR System Sparring for getting an outside perspective on the way you use OKRs and inspiration for better practices across the entire OKR cycle.
  • OKR Definition Workshop Moderation to support the outcome-oriented drafting for one or multiple product or leadership teams. This requires participation in my live or self-paced educational formats to understand and internalize my OKR approach.
  • Self-paced OKR Learning for Product Managers, Scrum Masters, and OKR Champions through my Outcome OKRs for Product Teams Course.
Tim Herbig OKR Consulting Testimonial Quote (2023)

"Tim combines immense experience with inspiring pragmatism. With workshops and 1:1 coaching sessions tailored to our needs, he helped us introduce OKRs into our organization. He did not teach us a "best practice", but the skills and abilities to evaluate the consequences of our own decisions and helped us to design our own OKR system. With his empathic nature and his ability to respond to our specific needs, he took us to a new level. It is really a pleasure to work with him."

Tim Brauser, Head of Product at Surplex

Grant Turtle Outcome OKRs Course Testimonial Quote

"With so many books and others resources available on the topic of OKRs, it’s difficult to know who to believe when it comes to how to get the best out of the framework. Tim’s Outcome OKRs for Product Teams course deliberately sets out not to teach you ‘best practice’, but to equip you with the knowledge and skills to understand the consequences of your choices, and to come to your own conclusion on what really is ‘best’ for you and your company. The course content is easy to consume, really clear, and very informative. Implementing a successful system of OKRs is always going to be a journey, but this course will dramatically shorten its length."

Grant Turtle, Head Of Product Portfolio Planning at StepStone

Speaking Engagements

Tim Herbig Public Speaking

I love sharing what I have learned over my past 10+ years of hands-on work in product management. My talks are focused on a lightweight communication of practical tips and helpful prompts for the everyday challenges product teams face.

I stay away from universal dogmas and instead focus on meeting my audiences where they are today, helping them to take the next step on their journey.

Possible topics for in-house talks or interactive mini-workshops include:

  • Making Product Discovery work beyond 'best practices'
  • Using OKRs in Product Management
  • How to develop and practice strategic thinking as a Product Team
  • Adopting a Product-led company mindset
  • Putting Outcomes into Practice using Impact Mapping

Click here for a preview of past talks I gave at conferences and in-house events.

Some companies I had the privilege of working with:

Tim Herbig Client References StepStone
Tim Herbig Client References Scout24
Tim Herbig Client References Chrono24
Tim Herbig Client References ParkBee
Client References Chrono24
Tim Herbig Client References eyeo
Tim Herbig Client References BuildingMinds
Tim Herbig Client References HighSnobiety

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As a Product Management coach, I work with product managers and teams around the globe to connect the dots through empathy and structure. By introducing confidence and skills to their way of working, I ensure that they can and want to own their Product Strategy, Goals, and Product Discovery.

For more than 10 years, I worked in various in-house and consulting roles as a Product Manager and Head of Product. I constantly challenged myself to make an evidence-informed way of working part of industries like publishing, professional networking, and building Enterprise-level SaaS applications. I know what it takes to balance large-scale product iterations with the scrappiness of a pre-Product-Market-Fit state.