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Improve the way you work and think about building products through individual collaboration

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I offer a broad range of formats, tools, techniques, and approaches for helping product teams and individuals to improve the way they build products and collaborate more effectively.

How I can help you

Available formats range from custom in-house workshops, 1:1 session with product leaders, or company-wide training programs. In my last 10 years as a hands-on product leader, I learned what it takes do deliver successful products across a broad range of industries and company cultures and want to help you improve your effectiveness when it comes to building products as a Product Coach and Consultant.

My approach is to tailor an individual offering based on the company's environment, the team's challenges ahead and the willingness of individuals to change things. I consider myself to be a First Principle Thinker, not a Playbook Follower. Even though I talk and teach a lot about frameworks to structure the product development process, I see them only as a starting point for adjusting it to the needs of an organization or individual.

My aspiration is to partner with you as a client to improve the condition of your company, product, team or personality.

Here's a selection of topics for a direct collaboration:

  • Product Discovery - Adaptable Product Discovery is a Product Discovery Approach that solves the problem of seeing how Product Discovery works in theory but struggling to see how it would ever work in your company. It's an approach I created as a result of over 10 years of experience working as a Product Manager, Head of Product, and Product Coach, and seeing that it's nearly impossible to make Product Discovery the same across all companies. With over a decade of Product Management experience, I’ve seen the blind spots of many product teams when it comes to Product Discovery. But instead of trying to force a given step-by-step process upon them, I teach them how to pick the right techniques *they* need at a given moment. That’s what Adaptable Product Discovery is all about.
  • Outcome Goals for Product Teams through Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) - OKRs is one of the most effective frameworks for enabling Product Teams to focus their work and priorities on Outcomes. I help product teams to understand the basic concept of OKRs and to find an individual approach for using the framework, as well as incorporating it into their existing routines and processes.
  • Product Strategy - Strategies should be a collaborative and cross-functional efforts. Only this will provide the right mix of orientation and autonomy for teams to plan their efforts.
  • Outcome-oriented Product Roadmaps - I believe that Product Teams should not have to rely on Gantt charts to communicate priorities. At the same time, alternative formats like theme-based roadmaps can support teams in gaining autonomy and freedom to focus on exploring the problem space using Adaptable Product Discovery.

For a preview into some of my training programs, visit my training overview page to learn more. I'm always looking forward to help companies assess whether my methods are a match for their challenges. You can schedule a free initial call without obligation right from my calendar below:

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Questions about Working with Me

What's your regional availability?

Europe, in general. I'm based in Germany, but offer to travel for specific workshops and in-person events with clients.

Do you also offer 1:1 Coaching/Mentoring?

Yes, it's one of the formats I offer as part of my engagements. The scope and interpersonal compatibility need to be checked in detail before accepting a Coaching/Mentoring mandate.

Are you available for Remote Consulting?

Yes, I'm a big believer in remote collaboration and have plenty of experiences in making distributed setups work. Remote meetings or workshops are not how most companies design them. I insist on visual connection via webcam and active collaboration using tools like Miro.

About Me

Tim Herbig Product Management Portrait

Tim is an experienced Product Leader who has worked on a broad range of b2c and b2b products throughout the years. By putting the people on his teams first, he not only learned what it takes build a great product, but to also how to form teams which love to work together. His work is influenced by the belief in a set of core principles around how to build successful teams and products.

It is his mission to enable organizations to help product teams become the best version of themselves. He's convinced that true self-organization of cross-functional teams can only be build upon trust and given autonomy to democratize as many processes as possible around building products and organizations.