Improve your Product Outcomes through hands-on and individual Collaboration

Hands-on Expertise to level up the way you build products

I offer a broad range of formats, tools, techniques and approaches for helping companies to improve the way they build products and to help teams collaborate more effectively.

Available formats range from custom in-house workshops, 1:1 session with product leaders, or company-wide training programs. In my last 9 years as a hands-on product leader, I learned what it takes do deliver successful products across a broad range of industries and company cultures and want to help you improve your effectiveness when it comes to building products as a Product Coach and Consultant.

My approach is to tailor an individual offering based on the company's environment, the team's challenges ahead and the willingness of individuals to change things. I consider myself to be a First Principle Thinker, not a Playbook Follower. Even though I talk and teach a lot about frameworks to structure the product development process, I see them only as a starting point for adjusting it to the needs of an organization or individual.

My aspiration is to partner with you as a client to improve the condition of your company, product, team or personality.

Here's a selection of topics for a direct collaboration:

  • Product Management 101 Shifting the mindset of individuals and teams from project thinking to product thinking by providing a full stack learning experience across the craft of building user-centered products.
  • Agile Product Strategy & Planning Strategies should be a collaborative and cross-functional efforts. Only this will provide the right mix of orientation and autonomy for teams to plan their efforts.
  • Product Discovery Coaching Helping teams to set up a repeatable and flexible process to master the challenges of running effective product discoveries and building the right product.
  • Design Sprint A design sprint is a condensed cross-functional 4-day effort of tackling a big challenge by validating potential solutions through qualitative testing. Learn more about the Design Sprint.
  • Experimentation and A/B Testing Especially when the goal of a company is to increase their signup growth or drive checkout conversions, they turn to A/B testing. And while A/B testing is one of the most effective ways to tweak your funnel or rework your registration form, it isn't for everyone. I'm gonna share best practices and hands-on exercises on how plan, execute and monitor effective A/B tests across industries and funnel types.
  • Agile Team Setups Establishing an initial setup based on principles norms, visions, routines and activities to start putting Agile principles into action.
  • Lateral Leadership Influencing without formal authority is one of the biggest challenges members of Agile teams face. We'll work together through the differences in leading with and without authority and how alignment and empathy help individuals practice lateral leadership. Learn more about my work on Lateral Leadership.
  • Remote Collaboration I believe that distributed teams are the future of how people will collaborate and how organizations will be structured. If you're a company which thinks about switching to a Remote Work model or are already in the process of getting started, let's talk about the principles and fundamentals of effective remote work collaboration.

For a preview into some of my training programs, visit my training overview page to learn more. I'm always looking forward to help companies assess whether my methods are a match for their challenges. You can schedule a free initial call without obligation right from my calendar below:

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