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In eight video modules, you will find answers, practical examples, and room for your own exercises inside our course Outcome OKRs for Product Teams.

After completing this course, you'll feel confident that your day-to-day work effectively contributes to your company vision and product goals. And you’ll know how to use OKRs in order to focus your work on outcomes, instead of features.

From our work, we know that product companies are on their path toward higher outcome achievement. Because OKRs can be a very important driver of change, we focus on the combination of Outcome OKRs for product teams.

75 Lectures - Intermediate

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That’s why the core concept of this course is to enable the skill of Adaptability for product teams when it comes to Product Discovery—independent of their industry, company size, or personal experience.

Yes, this course will teach you all the principles and strategies needed for Product Discovery. But more than that, it’ll provide you with practical tips for discovering how to choose the right tactics and processes for YOUR reality and get them into practice. Right away and bit-by-bit.

You’ll get access to 10 modules covering the six pillars of the Adaptable Product Discovery approach as well as actionable advice for how to implement them in your company. I’ll also walk you through framing and defining a Discovery practice that helps you reach your product goals. You’ll get templates, B2B and B2C examples, and guided exercises that will help you take action after every module and get started with Product Discovery in your company NOW.

Instead of sharing overglorified “Best Practices” as a stretch goal with you, I’ll share the materials and concepts in the course, which are focused on Better Practices—practices that help you to improve your work right away.

137 Lectures - Intermediate