Lateral Leadership

A Practical Guide for Agile Product Managers

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My book on Lateral Leadership for Product Managers was published by Sense and Respond Press - The publisher for short practical business books.

The book helps you master the challenges of being a lateral leader - In small-scale startups and large corporations alike. It will guide you through chapters on strategic alignment with your organization, process alignment within your team, and individual alignment with other team members.

What is Lateral Leadership

Agile requires a radically different approach to leadership, one that puts business, design, and engineering at equal levels-where they must work as peers.

This situation creates a challenge for team leaders. Agile leadership requires teams to align with a committed vision and support it in the best possible way. And even though agile leaders lack the expert knowledge of their new peers, they have to succeed with their mission without the traditional safety net of hierarchical power.

This sort of change is the result of agile methodologies spreading beyond the product and technology context. As individuals and departments adopt the benefits and underlying principles of agile methods, this, in turn, gives rise to entirely agile organizations.

Leading teams within these organizations without traditional hierarchical systems is called lateral leadership. It’s the most impactful way of leading agile teams and will become crucial to success in future business environments and ways of working.

Effective Lateral Leadership happens at the Intersection of Alignment and Empathy

Lateral Leadership happens at the Intersection of Alignment and Empathy

What Readers are Saying

Barry O'Reilly Lateral Leadership Book Tim Herbig Oppinion

Leading in complex yet connected organizations requires managing the tensions of business objectives, product dependencies and people relationships. Lateral Leadership by Tim Herbig shows how to balance strategy alignment with peer empathy

Barry O'Reilly

Business Advisor, Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker and Author of UNLEARN and LEAN ENTERPRISE

Product Managers tend to have all the responsibility and none of the authority, yet we don’t talk enough about how to lead teams without that explicit authority and leadership. In this book Tim gives us a roadmap for how to use empathy and alignment to better lead the people that make up our teams toward common goals, and build better products because of it.

Martin Eriksson

Co-founder Mind the Product & co-author Product Leadership

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