The OKR Clarity Navigator

Create alignment about what you want to achieve as a company, to use Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) in a way that helps you to make real progress towards meaningful goals.

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Individual OKR Patterns help you to focus on what matters to YOUR Company

Do any of these sound familiar?

Companies and teams rely on a one-size-fits-all process for using OKRs that doesn’t improve the way they work.

They solely rely on shiny objects from the outside for integrating OKRs into their existing processes.

There are no tangible decision-making criteria available to reflect on and adjust the usage of OKRs.

That's the result of a lack of clarity around the specific benefits you want to get out of using OKRs. Without these, you're just trying to copy someone else's approach without getting the results you want.

Find YOUR way of using OKRs by creating clarity about the benefits you want to achieve

The free 3-step OKR Clarity Navigator Email Course helps you to overcome these challenges by allowing you to:

Understand and communicate the impact and importance of a clear intent behind using OKRs.

Develop a shared understanding of your  OKR benefits based on what you want to achieve.

Understand what to do next when it comes to adjusting the way you use OKRs in your company.

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