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Whether you're new to the concept of using OKRs in Product Management or want to learn advanced strategies and tactics to focus on Outcomes, this is your hub for practical knowledge.

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A Practical Guide to using Objectives and OKRs in Product Management

If you’re asking yourself how you can connect Product Strategy and your Product Discovery/Delivery efforts through outcome-oriented goals, this guide has the answers.

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Articles on using OKRs in Product Management

How Product Teams can move on from OKR Theater Article Preview Image

Moving on from OKR Theater: Why your Product OKRs Might Be Misleading

The difference between superficial OKR Theater and the useful adoption of OKRs for Product teams lies in how to move beyond measuring generic KPIs for the sake of it.

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How to measure the progress of OKRs using Leading and Lagging Indicators

Learn how to define OKRs using leading and lagging indicators, so you can measure progress before it's too late to adjust.

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Thinking beyond Outcomes in OKRs

Solely focusing on Outcomes isn’t always be the best choice for every product team. Here's how to avoid Outcomes over Outputs at all cost while finding your own path toward shifting from feature to value focus.

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The Importance of OKR Definition Inputs for Product Teams

The biggest obstacle to defining useful OKRs for product teams is rooted even before the actual definition takes place–The required inputs for turning ambitions into goals.

Videos on using OKRs in Product Management

Transforming OKRs with Leading Indicators to focus on actionable Outcomes

Product Teams should rely on metrics that respond to their actions as directly and quickly as possible In this video, I show you how to transform your OKRs using leading indicators.

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Webinar Recording: 5 Steps to create Product OKRs beyond Feature Specifications

In this FREE webinar recording, you'll learn tips and strategies that help Product Teams use OKRs for shifting from focusing on features toward Outcomes 

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FREE Course Lesson: How Product Strategy informs Outcome OKRs

Access this full preview lesson from our Outcome OKRs for Product Teams Course in which you will learn the essentials to design a Product Strategy that supports Outcomes.

DL Summit 2021: Measuring Progress, not just Metrics

In this FREE webinar, you will learn how to connect team-level actions to company-level priorities using Outcome OKRs as a product team.

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FREE Product Management Outcome OKR Workshop Recording

Learn how to measure real progress as a Product Team by utilizing Outcome OKRs from this free workshop recording from my session at one of Workpath's Quarterly Event.

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PMF2019: OKRs - 3 Letters for effective Product Organisations

In this talk at the Product Management Festival 2019, I shared practical advice for adopting and iterating OKRs as a product organisation.

Product Management OKRs Courses and Workshops

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Outcome OKRs for Product Teams Course

This self-paced course will tell you exactly how to use Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) to drive an Outcome-oriented approach to Product Goals, Product Discovery, Product Roadmaps, and Scrum.

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Product Management OKRs Workshop

This training skips the basics and generalized advice you can find anywhere else on the internet. Instead, it focuses on the practical and high-leverage aspects of using OKRs for Product Teams.