Outcome OKRs for Product Teams Course

How to create outcome-driven product

processes in your company

This course will help turn Objectives and Key Results into a powerful tool you can use to create outcome-driven product processes in your company and create better, more impactful products.

This course teaches you how to use OKRs to inform your work – from Product Strategy to Discovery to Delivery

In eight video modules, you will find answers, practical examples, and room for your own exercises inside our course Outcome OKRs for Product Teams.

After completing this course, you'll feel confident that your day-to-day work effectively contributes to your company vision and product goals. And you’ll know how to use OKRs in order to focus your work on outcomes, instead of features.

From our work, we know that product companies are on their path toward higher outcome achievement. Because OKRs can be a very important driver of change, we focus on the combination of Outcome OKRs for product teams.

What makes this course different
from other OKR Courses


Most OKR courses focus on teaching you ONE process and leave out the hard bits of making OKRs work with the practical reality of product teams. We know what it takes to bridge the gaps.


We acknowledge the individual approaches to OKRs. Our course will support you with finding your own path to using OKRs.


This course is for Product Managers by a Product Manager and an OKR coach with years of experience in leveraging OKRs to create better products.

Course Overview

Module 1




Meet your instructors, get comfy with the course format, and dive right in with an evaluation exercise designed to let us see where you are starting from.

Module 2




Understand how Objectives and Key Results can be a tool for company-wide focus, communication, and learning. Furthermore, we’ll introduce you to a framework for identifying your individual WHY behind using OKRs, instead of following someone else’s blueprint.

Module 3




Experience what impact working with output vs outcome goals can have on your organization. As both have their pros and cons, you will reflect on what works for you. Together, we learn what’s required to shift your focus towards outcome OKR Sets.

Module 4




Get a handle on defining Product Strategy in a way that supports setting outcome goals. In addition, you’ll understand how to prepare and facilitate an OKR definition workshop to actually arrive at outcome-based OKR Sets, instead of just listing tasks.

Module 5




We’ll give you structure and tools for how to select the right Epics to work on after defining your OKRs. After that, we’ll talk about how Product Discovery and OKR cycles affect each other. And we share a framework for setting up an outcome-based Product Roadmap that perfectly connects to your outcome OKR Sets.

Module 6




Understand how to measure your progress towards achieving outcomes through an OKR Check-in as part of your existing Agile routines. Besides that, we’ll share concrete examples for increasing the visibility of your OKR Sets in existing task management and communication tools and routines. Leading to more guidance for making day-to-day decisions that are in-line with your goals.

Module 7




Learn how to regularly reflect on and adjust your OKR processes. Understand how organization-wide efforts can help you reduce outcome-impediments.

Module 8




Reflect on the most important learnings, tools, and tips from the entire course. You’ll also get a chance to set up your individual action plan to put things into practice. Including a personal review & feedback session.

Course Highlights

Real-life Lessons

Throughout more than 40 video lectures, we not only share the concepts we have seen work, but help you to understand them through examples.

Built-in Learning

This course is not a lean-back learning experience. We regularly challenge you to reflect on what you have learned, and apply it through 15 practical exercises.

Ready-to-use Resources

When it's time to get back to work, you can rely on a variety of templates, resources, guides, and cheat sheets we share with you throughout the course.

Course Preview

What Others Say

Elischéba Hoffman Outcome OKRs Course Testimonial

This course does a good job connecting the dots between Product Management Practices and Outcome based OKRs. It practically guides you through how to embed the OKR framework in the fabric of Product Management practices and the product delivery cycle instead of using it as another layer on top of product management. It also equips you to write better outcome based KRs that are focused on changes in human behavior.

Elischéba Hoffman

Product Operations Manager at Thomson Reuters

Josh Seiden Outcome OKRs Course Testimonial 3

Tim and Sonja get it. They have a deep and subtle understanding of the way OKRs work inside organizations and for product teams. If you want to learn more about these topics, Tim and Sonja are the way to go.

Josh Seiden

Author of "Outcomes over Output", Co-Author of "Lean UX", and Publisher at S&R Press

Petra Wille Outcome OKRs Course Testimonial

Finally, a course that translates the theoretical concept of using OKRs into practical benefits for Product Teams. Sonja and Tim did a great job showing how teams can shift their focus from Outputs toward Outcomes and how to overcome the common obstacles and traps on this journey. The course really acknowledges all the difficulties that may arise and offers a step-by-step approach into OKRs.

Petra Wille

Product Leadership Coach and Author of "STRONG Product People"

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About your Instructors

Sonja Mewes

Sonja is a consultant, trainer, and pattern seeker. her personal objectives are create connected and efficient collaboration—for people themselves and within their teams and organizations—to actively let then design their "beautiful future".

Sonja has a diverse background in intercultural management, 10 years of multiple roles in the digital business industry, and last but not least in organizational development. She accompanies startups and corporations in experiencing, setting up, and developing new ways of collaboration, including OKRs and other approaches from nonviolent communication to remote working.

Sonja is co-author of the book OKRs AT THE CENTER: How to use goals to drive ongoing change and create the organization you want.

Tim Herbig

As a Product Coach, Tim has helped dozens of teams to build better products through Product Discovery, Outcome Goals, and tangible Product Strategy.

Tim's work is informed by more than ten years working as a Product Leader, helping develop a broad range of B2C and B2B products.

It is his mission to help product teams become the best version of themselves. He's convinced that cross-functional teams’ real self-organization can only be built upon trust and given autonomy to democratize as many processes as possible around building products and organizations.

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What Others Say

Itamar Gilad Outcome OKRs for Product Teams Testimonial Quote

If you work in a product team this course is for you. Tim and Sonja untangle the challenge of creating good outcomes-driven goals using principles and tools you can implement right away.

Itamar Gilad

Product management coach, speaker and author, Ex-Google PM

Christian Becker Outcome OKRs Course Testimonial 2

OKRs can be a powerful tool for product managers, but in most companies that I see, OKRs cause much more harm than good. I believe that the root cause for a productive OKR usage is linked to the willingness to go through the pain of really understanding the concept and tailoring it to your specific needs. Companies letting consultants do all of the job will fail. This course makes it just comfortable enough to get started and at the same time sets the required barriers to make you think.

Christian Becker

Founder at leanproductable GmbH and Product Management Coach

Detlev Kluge Outcome OKRs Course Testimonial

An OKR implementation does not work with a one-size-fits-all approach. Thanks to Sonja we now have a customized OKR System that we can continuously improve based on our needs. Especially showing us our maturity around the definition of Objectives and Key Results helped us to tremendously increase the value our OKR Systems bring to our organization.

Detlev Kluge

Agile Coach, BAUER MEDIA Group

Finian Carey Outcome OKRs Course Testimonial

Tim’s solid knowledge of Product Management in combination with the OKR framework gave our team a profound understanding of how the implementation can look like to our everyday life as Product Owners and Product Managers towards a more agile and empowered working environment

Finian Carey

Head of Data Products, HOSPITALITY.digital

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If you're looking to train more than one person, simply increase the number of course seats you want to purchase in the checkout. To learn more about bulk discounts for teams, please reach out to hello@herbig.co for a quote.

Your Questions answered

Will this help me implement OKRs in my company?

This course is a better fit for companies that already use OKRs or are already committed to start using OKRs. It'll also be useful for PMs who think they can sway their company to start using OKRs. Even though, we talk about about the basics of defining OKR Sets and the OKR Cycle elements, implementing OKRs requires organization-wide buy-in.

Do I have to complete the course before I can get started with OKRs?

No, you don’t. Chances are, that you already have practical experience using OKRs. Our course encourages students to implement what they have learned and constantly reflect and adjust their processes.

Will this course help me with defining roadmaps with a focus on OKRs?

Yes! We have a dedicated lecture around setting up a Product Roadmap, that is based on your Outcome OKRs, instead of just listing random feature ideas and arbitrary timelines.

Will this course help me with setting a Product Strategy?

We will address some of the needed attributes of a Product Strategy to support setting Outcome OKRs and share frameworks we have seen working for this. The course assumes some basic knowledge of how Product Strategy works.

Will this course help me with conducting Product Discovery?

This course focuses on how Outcome OKRs and Product Discovery affect each other and how to set up your processes to make them work together smoothly. For a dedicated learning experience around Product Discovery though, we recommend Tim’s Adaptable Product Discovery Course.

Does the course include recommendations for OKR tools?

No. We believe that depending on the size of your organization, many teams can easily start-out with Google Sheets, instead of a dedicated tool. While our course is tool-agnostic, we occasionally partner and recommend Workpath and Leapsome.

How long will I have access to the course content?

How does “forever” sound? As long as the course exists, you will be able to access the material.

We have tried OKRs in the past but felt like it wasn’t for us.

We hear that a lot. From our experience, this is because companies are attracted by the shiny object syndrome of "working like Google", and never take the time to define their actual reason WHY behind using OKRs, and don't adjust the tool to their existing way of working. Our course tackles these issues by helping you to recognize your own reason WHY as well as integrating it with your existing way of working as an Agile Product Team.

How much time do I need to go through this course?

The course allows you to access all material at the same time.  For completion from start to end including the exercises and reflections, you should plan for 5-6 hours. We highly recommend working through the course material in batches and maybe even together with a learning buddy who is also enrolled in the course. If you’re interested in training your entire team, please reach out via hello@herbig.co to learn more about group discounts.

Can I work through the course at my own pace?

Absolutely! The course is designed to help you learn on your own terms. You can skim the material and pick what you want to learn next whenever you have the time.

Can I get a refund if I don't learn anything new?

You absolutely can. I offer a full, no questions asked, 30-day money-back guarantee. Just get in touch with me if this is the case.

Can I get my company to pay for this?

Most students have used their company training budget to enroll in the course. Especially in times like this, many more companies are willing to invest in online training resources. You can use these resources to ask your employer to pay or reimburse you for this course. It's a nifty little template that helps you make the ask and explain how this will help you in your role and your company at large.

I have a question I'd like answered before I buy - who should I talk to?

Please email us directly via hello@herbig.co and we’re very happy to help you.