How to connect team-level actions to company-level priorities using Outcome OKRs

In this FREE webinar, you will learn:

    What keeps product teams from knowing what to work on, despite having company-level goals. And how to overcome it.
    Why it’s so hard to define Key Results that describe Outcomes, instead of just feature ideas. And how to make it easier.
  • How to make sure OKRs help you to prioritize your day-to-day tasks during Product Discovery and Scrum Delivery.

Using OKRs can be great news for Product Managers. At least, in theory.

Over the last years, a growing number of product companies started adopting Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) to set their goals.

And while OKRs can help you to create more focus and align your efforts with the whole company, Product Managers struggle in real life with things like:

  • Pre-planned OKR Sets that already specify features and leave no room for Product Managers to focus on behavior changes.
  • Product Managers who ask themselves how OKRs can be beneficial during Product Discovery and Delivery, instead of double effort.
  • The question of how do OKRs, Product Strategy, and Product Roadmaps differ and affect each other.

Do these challenges sound familiar? Then you will find practical tips on how to overcome them in this webinar.


For whom is this Webinar?

  • Product Managers, who are already working with OKRs (or know that they will start doing so) and are struggling to align their Product Strategy, Roadmaps, Discovery, and Delivery with OKRs.
  • Agile Coaches or Scrum Masters, who are looking for ways to support their product teams with adopting OKRs to focus their work on outcomes, without making it feel like a double-effort.
  • OKR Experts/Masters/Champions, who want to support the product teams in their company with their challenges of integrating OKRs into their existing Agile routines, processes, and tools.

About Your Webinar Host, Tim Herbig

Tim Herbig Product Management Portrait

As a Product Coach, Tim has helped dozens of teams to build better products through Product Discovery, Outcome Goals, and tangible Product Strategy.

Tim's work is informed by more than ten years working as a Product Leader, helping develop a broad range of B2C and B2B products.

It is his mission to enable organizations to help product teams become the best version of themselves. He's convinced that cross-functional teams’ real self-organization can only be built upon trust and given autonomy to democratize as many processes as possible around building products and organizations.

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