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How can Product Teams start to make decisions based on evidence and data, instead of opinions? And which tools help product teams to understand problems worth solving, before jumping into feature ideas and UI details?

The Product Thoughts Podcast delivers bite-sized, actionable advice for challenges like these and many more. Hosted by Tim Herbig, a veteran Product Leader with 10+ years of experience, this podcast provides insights product managers can start using immediately to become the best version of themselves.


Product Discovery doesn't start with this...

In this episode, I will discuss the biggest red flag, for recognizing whether you’re doing actual Product Discovery, or just polishing pre-determines feature ideas.

Demystifying Impact, Outcome, and Output

Just like me, you're probably guilty of using Impact, Outcome, and Output interchangeably at least one point of your career. But what if there's more meaning to these teams and how can they change the way product teams make decisions? That's exactly what we'll discuss in today's episode.

Kill your Idea Backlog

This episode is all about the problems maintaining an Idea Backlog brings with it for Product Teams. And what you should do instead, to avoid talking about solutions too early and too often.

Trailer: Here's exactly what to expect from this Podcast

Welcome to the Product Thoughts Podcast. In this episode, your host Tim Herbig addresses the specific challenges this show will help you to overcome - Whether you're a Product Manager, UX Designer, Developer, or Entrepreneur.