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How can Product Teams start to make decisions based on evidence and data, instead of opinions? And which tools help product teams to understand problems worth solving, before jumping into feature ideas and UI details?

The Product Thoughts Podcast delivers bite-sized, actionable advice for challenges like these and many more. Hosted by Tim Herbig, a veteran Product Leader with 10+ years of experience, this podcast provides insights product managers can start using immediately to become the best version of themselves.



How to turn identified User Problems into measurable Product Goals

You know that feeling once you get to the bottom of a user’s problem? It feels amazing...until you realize that this itself doesn’t help you measure the success of your product. But in this episode, I will share exactly how you can define tangible product goals, based on actual user problems.

How to deal with new Feature Ideas during Product Discovery

In this episode, I share with you practical tips that help you to deal with upcoming feature ideas during product discovery so you don’t talk about the solution space too early.

How fix the biggest problem of Product Discovery

In this episode, I share how to not let Confirmation Bias destroy your Product Discovery efforts.

How to engage your engineers in Product Discovery

In this episode, I will talk about why you should engage the engineers on your team in Product Discovery - And how you can do it.

How Product Discovery and Design Sprints work together

One of the core messages I constantly repeat when talking about Adaptable Product Discovery is the amount of time product teams should spend on understanding the problem space compared to thinking about solutions during it. One framework that is often mentioned in that context is a Design Sprint (DS). So, let's take a closer look at how a Design Sprint and the broader activity of Product Discovery (can) play together.

Why there's more to validation than just testing Usability

When we talk about building and validating products, we talk about a broad range of aspects to consider. Can we build it? Can people use it? Do people want it? The problem here is that testing a prototype in the lab only tells you one part of the story. And while it’s worth arguing that telling 50% of a story is better than not to start talking at all, you have to put it into the right context.

4 Things that hurt your Product Discovery

Treating Product Discovery as a continuous practice instead of a one-off effort is important to establish the habit of acting customer-centric as a Product Team. However, the act of continuously digging through data for „new“ insights, trying to get in touch with users every week, and running experiments at a too frequent rate can bear some pitfalls. In this episode, I will share a summary of my personal experiences of continuous Product Discovery efforts.

The Problem with MVPs

A Minimum Viable Product (or MVP) is probably one of the most over-used (and misused) terms in product management. So, today, I want to talk about the main misconceptions of MVPs and what you can do to prevent them.

Product Discovery doesn't start with this...

In this episode, I will discuss the biggest red flag, for recognizing whether you’re doing actual Product Discovery, or just polishing pre-determines feature ideas.

Demystifying Impact, Outcome, and Output

Just like me, you're probably guilty of using Impact, Outcome, and Output interchangeably at least one point of your career. But what if there's more meaning to these teams and how can they change the way product teams make decisions? That's exactly what we'll discuss in today's episode.

Kill your Idea Backlog

This episode is all about the problems maintaining an Idea Backlog brings with it for Product Teams. And what you should do instead, to avoid talking about solutions too early and too often.

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