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Whether you're new to Product Discovery or want to learn advanced strategies and tactics, this is your hub for Product Discovery knowledge, bundling my best writing, videos, course and services on that topic.

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Product Discovery:
A Practical Guide for Product Teams

In this hands-on guide, I will show you how to go beyond cliché advice, like “just talk to users more often,” to make sure the practice of Product Discovery helps teams to make real progress.

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Articles on Product Discovery

Scaling Discovery Series Main Page Preview Image (2023)

Scaling Product Discovery:
From Single Tactics to Joint Progress

This series serves as an overview to kickstart how to think through scaling Product Discovery problems at a high level throughout organizations.

Evidence Mapping for Product Discovery Decisions Article Preview Image (2023)

From Information to Evidence:
How Context informs Product Discovery Decisions

This article will show you how to use proximity and commitment to evaluate the strength of Discovery evidence using real-life examples:

Using Impact Mapping to navigate Product Discovery Preview Image (2021)

Structuring Discovery through Impact Mapping

How to use Impact Mapping as practical and focused structure for connecting experiments and features to customer problems and business goals.

5 Core Ideas of Adaptable Product Discovery Preview Image (2021)

The 5 Core Ideas of Adaptable Product Discovery

The complexity of Product Discovery can feel overwhelming, but trying to overcome it with blueprints is rarely a viable solution.

Kill Idealog for Problem Space Focus Article Preview Image (2021)

How to focus on the Problem Space by Killing your Idea Backlog

Product teams need to get rid of prescribed solutions when they truly want to focus on the problem space during Discovery.

Videos on Product Discovery

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Product Discovery Webinar Recording

In this webinar, you will learn why it's not enough to just ship more products faster to help your customers AND the business thrive.

The 6 Key Elements to Product Discovery

In this video, I will discuss the 6 Key elements of product discovery and the non-linear process that product discovery needs in order to be successful.

How to structure your Product Discovery Process

In this video, I dive into some general advice for bringing structure into your Product Discovery activities without sacrificing the ability to course-correct.

Miro for Product Discovery: Tim Herbig at Miro Distributed 2020

An interactive mini-workshop on how to navigate Product Discover in a Remote Product Team Setup.

ProductTank Amsterdam: Impact Mapping with Tim Herbig - World Product Day

A short glimpse into how Impact Mapping helps product teams to focus on Outcomes.

Product Discovery Courses and Workshops

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Adaptable Product Discovery Course

In this 10-module online course, you'll learn the most versatile Product Discovery techniques and tactics so you can create your own approach right away.

Differentiating the Problem Space and Solution Space of Product Discovery

Product Discovery Live Training

This training focuses on helping you understand individual Discovery context and when to apply what technique to make progress, over just introducing new canvases or frameworks.