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Whether you're new to Product Discovery or want to learn advanced strategies and tactics, this is your hub for Product Discovery knowledge, bundling my best writing, videos, course and services on that topic.

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Product Discovery:

A Practical Guide for Agile Teams

This guide is to show you how expansive Product Discovery can be and how to set up and execute your own Product Discovery process.



How to focus on the Problem Space by Killing your Idea Backlog Article Preview Image

How to focus on the Problem Space by Killing your Idea Backlog

Product teams need to get rid of prescribed solutions when they truly want to focus on the problem space during Discovery.

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The 5 Core Ideas of Adaptable Product Discovery 

The complexity of Product Discovery can feel overwhelming, but trying to overcome it with blueprints is rarely a viable solution.

Impact Mapping Guide Tim Herbig miro

Impact Mapping: How to focus on outcomes in product management

Product Teams need to be able to connect features to behaviors worth changing and metrics that matter for the business.

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Doing product discovery as a remote team

While remote teams are a great way to break free from existing paradigms, they can also amplify existing issues if they’re not set up properly.


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Product Discovery Webinar Recording

In this webinar, you will learn why it's not enough to just ship more products faster to help your customers AND the business thrive.

ProductTank Amsterdam: Impact Mapping with Tim Herbig - World Product Day

ProductTank Amsterdam: Impact Mapping with Tim Herbig

A short glimpse into how Impact Mapping helps product teams to focus on Outcomes.

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How to structure your Product Discovery Process

In this video, I dive into some general advice for bringing structure into your Product Discovery activities.


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Adaptable Product Discovery Course

In this 9-module online course, you'll learn the most versatile Product Discovery techniques and tactics so you can create your own approach right away.


iterative Product Discovery Process by Tim Herbig

Adaptable Product Discovery Training

What makes this training different is its connection to reality. YOUR reality. making it one of the most practical resources on Product Discovery.

Remote Product Discovery Training Group Exercise

Impact Mapping Training

Learn how product teams can connect features to overarching business priorities by using Impact Mapping alongside existing Agile practices.

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In-House Coaching and Consulting

Instead of trying to force a given step-by-step process upon teams, I teach them how to pick the right techniques *they* need at a given moment.