Product Discovery Online Masterclass by Tim Herbig
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Product Discovery Online Masterclass by Tim Herbig Logo White NEW

Learn how to stop pursuing Pet Projects and start building Products people need

Learn how to stop pursuing Pet Projects and start building Products people need

This online training will teach you how to run effective Product Discoveries, so you can build products users actually want to use.

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Great Products don't just
appear in your Backlog

Great Products don't just appear in your Backlog

Most Product Managers are only focussed on executing the ideas from their backlog. The problem is that they are burried with stakeholder requests and top down feature wish lists.

They also lack a repeatable process to truly understand user needs and often-times get lost in endless research efforts without results.

In this course, I will teach you the habits and practices I used to run over 30 Product Discoveries to help companies build better products across a broad range of industries.

This is not going to be theoretical consultant BS based on textbooks everyone can buy on Amazon. I will open-up about the mistakes I made, so you can avoid them and share real world stories with you.

My goal is to to help you succeed with your individual Product Discovery challenges by sharing case studies and teaching you proven best practices.

How this Course will help you

How this Course will help you

Convince & Plan

Get your boss and stakeholders on board and lay out a clear, yet flexible process for running Product Discoveries.

Understand & Ideate

Get to the bottom of your user's needs without asking "What do you want?". From there, start developing new solutions.

Validate & Execute

Make sure that your ideas solve an actual problem for your users and start the transition into Product Execution.

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You probably know this story

You probably know this story

When I got my first Scrum certification as a Product Owner, I thought I knew it all to build great products. The principles of the Agile manifesto, estimating with Story Points, writing perfect User Stories - You could throw all the jargon at me, and I was ready to tell you what was needed to "do it right." However, a couple of years into this practice of building products based on the input from my boss and bosses boss through many cycles of Sprint Plannings and Reviews, and I felt that something was missing.

Were we building the right things? How did we knew that what we put into our backlog was solving a problem for our users? Sure, we could look at the numbers after we shipped something. That would tell us if we built something valuable. However, was that everything we could do, to ensure that we worked on the right thing?

Waiting for the next pet project idea to drop didn't seem like a sustainable strategy to build products which were truly solving our customer's problem. So, how could I as a single Product Manager increase the odds of investing my team's resources into the most promising ideas? Moreover, how could I gather evidence to change the opinion of my stakeholders on what we should build beyond gut feeling, the latest release of a competitor or the suggestion from a golfing buddy?

As a stark opposite to feature factory teams which only focus on Product Delivery, other teams tend to get lost in endless research efforts. They're continually getting back to users to talk to them and are never able to turn insights into tangible results.

Over time, I learned to balance the scale by forming my framework for running a Product Discovery. I learned how vital alignment with your boss and stakeholders is for having the autonomy to need to succeed in a Product Discovery.

I also learned how to validate my assumptions without investing in development resources from my development team and thereby risking a lack of focus for our Delivery efforts.

Moreover, I also learned how to transition validated Product Discovery insights into Product Delivery because that's where ultimately the potential of your ideas gets turned into impact.

My process has helped me to run Product Discoveries in b2c and b2b environments and applies to corporates and start-ups alike. Now, I want to help more Product Teams to run successful Product Discoveries. I believe in the tremendous potential most teams waste by not following a flexible, get guiding Product Discovery process.

What you will learn in this Online Course

What you will learn in this Online Course

Planning and Alignment

  • How establish a continuous, iterative and non-linear Product Discovery process to make sure you're building the right thing
  • Why it’s crucial to use the right alignment format to frame your Product Discovery for maximal autonomy.
  • How to prioritize your Product Discovery opportunities using theme-based roadmaps and the Impact/Uncertainty Matrix

Research, Ideation and Prioritization

  • How to execute lean research using quantitative and qualitative frameworks which truly help you to understand user needs and discover opportunities worth pursuing.
  • With which frameworks you can democratize the ideation process for new solutions, so your stakeholders feel involved without just unloading feature requests at your desk.
  • Why prioritizing ideas is an ongoing effort which takes continuous experimentation into consideration

Experimentation and Iteration

  • How to structure your validation efforts using Impact Mapping and the Experiment Grid
  • How to improve your cadence for user feedback loops through rapid prototyping and iterative usability testing.
  • Why you need to run qualitative and quantitative experiments in parallel to validate your hypotheses and which tools you can use in your company right away.
  • How to integrate Design Sprints into your Product Discovery.

Refinement and Transition into Execution

  • Why Product Discovery doesn’t stop after the validation step and how to implement a culture of continuous Product Discovery.
  • How to transition validated ideas into Product Delivery by applying User Story Mapping and theme-based roadmaps.

Check out a preview of the full Curriculum right here. Please not that purchasing the course is already possible, I wouldn't recommend it as the content will only become available in Q3 2019.

Hi! My name is Tim Herbig!

I'm an experienced Product Leader who has worked on a broad range of b2c and b2b products throughout the years. By putting the people on my team first, I not only learned what it takes build a great product, but to also form teams which love to work together. My work is influenced by the belief in a set of core principles around how to build successful teams and products.

It is my mission to enable organizations to build better teams and help them build products which make a difference for their users and your business. I believe in the value of empathy not only for users, but for one another when collaborating in Agile environments. I'm convinced that true self-organization of cross-functional teams can only be build upon trust and given autonomy to democratize as many processes as possible around building products and organizations.

I'm helping individuals and companies alike through offerings like this online masterclass, my free weekly newsletter, speaking appearances, and community events like the Product Tank meetup series.