Run your next Product Discovery with Confidence, Ease and Clarity

This Product Discovery Training Online Course will teach you how to uncover and validate product ideas customers actually want to use.

Stop chasing requirements and start executing evidence-based product management

Are you tired of executing pre-determined solutions or just facilitating an exchange of opinions?

Your stakeholders can't wait for your current sprint to finish. Because you and your team can then rush onto executing the next roadmap item. You never feel like truly owning your work and feel lost when it comes to deciding what to work on next and, most importantly, if it is the right thing at all.

Structuring and executing a Product Discovery can feel like a lonely task and uncovering customer behaviors worth changing and connecting them to what the business needs seems impossible.

It simply feels unfair because other product teams and companies seem to be able to build products around user needs.

When I had become a "Certified Scrum Product Owner", I thought I knew everything it takes to build great products.

If I would only focus enough on delivering the features my stakeholders asked for in-time, I would grow as a Product Manager and improve my reputation in the company. Except, I didn't. Instead, I was asked to deliver on time again and again and stakeholders impatiently asked for "results" during rare occasions of user research.

And when I tried to apply Product Discovery processes and act on two Agile tracks simultaneously, I got lost in endless research iterations and couldn't outline a clear connection to business impacts.

With this course under your belt, you can finally feel confident about uncovering user needs and shaping a product users want to use. You will experience a new level of clarity when it comes to collecting evidence and turning it into ideas worth pursuing.

The Product Discovery Online Masterclass

This course isn't just a summary of theoretical principles  or a static process which is detached from your daily reality as a Product Manager. Instead, I'm teaching you a modular system based on hands-on experience which can be applied in every industry and at every company size, helping you to become the most effective Product Manager you can be.

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

After enrolling in the course, you get immediate access to the full course content. This way, you can pick the modules which fit the best to your current situation and can learn at your own pace. The course content will constantly get expanded and updated while you have life-long access to the material.

A Modular Framework

While we work through a series of modules which build on top of each other, the course material enables you to implement every technique individually and in the order which works best for you.

Proven Strategies and Tactics

The course material is derived from what works for the real challenges Product Teams have to deal with every day. Whether it's about connecting the dots from user insights, prioritizing discovery opportunities or aligning stakeholders.

Hands-on Material & Cases

The principles of the course are taught in a way which combines consise theoretical input with real-world examples and hands-on insights from case studies and client work I've experienced first hand during my career.

Feedback and Support

The course content and case study material is designed in a way that you can form learning groups with peers or colleagues. In addition, you become part of an active student community which supports each other.

What’s in the course

Here's how we will build your own Product Discovery Toolbox throughout the course


Module 1: Getting started

Learn about the principles behind this course, how to use the material for a maximum of effectiveness.


Module 2: A Primer on Product Discovery

Before we jump into any specific techniques, I want to help you understand the general important of Product Discovery and the Dual-Track Agile principles. We will also look at how to discover and prioritize Product Discovery opportunities and how to integrate Product Discovery activities into your day-to-day business.


Module 3: Creating Alignment

Alignment around your Product Discovery Opportunity with your stakeholders, boss and team is crucial for getting the autonomy to facilitate the Discovery on your own terms. Learn about the potential drag of 'Alignment Debt', practical alignment tools and how to utilize them most effectively.


Module 4: Executing Effective Research

Discussing ideas doesn't make sense if you're not aware of the needs and behaviors of your users and customers. We will discuss how to implement a holistic perspective on research efforts, building your research technique toolbox and take a closer look at the specifics of surveys and interviews.


Module 5: Generate Clarity through Impact Mapping

Staying on course and focusses is one of the biggest challenges when running a Product Discovery. Through an in-depth look at the Impact Mapping framework, a practical perspective on how to integrate it into your Product Discovery and a real world example, you will be able to bring more clarity to your routines.


Module 6: Facilitating Ideation Processes

After identifying rich research insights, it's time to facilitate ideation sessions in diverse teams which encourage team members and stakeholders alike to think outside the typical evolution of your product. Next to facilitation techniques for ideation workshops, we will also take a closer look at specific techniques and how to use them.


Module 7: Prototyping User Experiences

Turning ideas into prototyped experiences you can test with users requires the right set of tools for your situation. In this module, we will look at a broad range of tools which come in handy for creating prototypes with and without an UI.


Module 8: Lean Validation of Solutions

Instead of rushing into the execution of your bosses favorite feature ideas, staying disciplined when it comes to validating your solutions is crucial. In this module, I will introduce a broad range of validation techniques and demonstrate how to execute them. In addition, we will discuss how to set up and structure your validation efforts and the importance of experiment pairing.


Module 9: Transitioning Concepts into your Backlog

The greatest Product Discovery insights are worthless if you're not able to transition validated solutions into your backlog and execute and deliver them with a fast time-to-market. This module will help you to understand how to incorporate MVP thinking into this phase and how to utilize User Story Mapping.


Module 10: What's next?

Learn about the pitfalls of Continuous Product Discovery, how to avoid them, how to convince your boss on getting started with your first Product Discovery and how to get your organization/team on board for running a Product Discovery.


Here's what's in the course beyond the videos

There's more to this course than "just" the video material. Take a look at the additional content and material you get as an student of the Product Discovery Online Masterclass

Bonus 1
Templates & Cheat Sheets

You get access to all the templates and cheat sheets which I personally use to run a Product Discovery. These are either based on my own experiences or curated from other best-in-class practitioners.

Bonus 2
Exclusive Q&A Calls

As an enrolled student of this course, you get access to our recurring Q&A Calls where I personally address questions and case study results from the community.

Bonus 3
Community Access

If you're looking for sparring outside of the Q&A calls, our closed LinkedIn community is the place to go. In there, you can submit your case study output for peer review and exchange questions with  students.

About Your Course Teacher,
Tim Herbig

Tim is an experienced Product Leader who has worked on a broad range of b2c and b2b products throughout the years. By putting the people on his teams first, he not only learned what it takes build a great product, but to also how to form teams which love to work together. His work is influenced by the belief in a set of core principles around how to build successful teams and products.

It is his mission to enable organizations to build better teams and help them build products which make a difference for their users and business. He believes in the value of empathy not only for users, but for one another when collaborating in Agile environments. He's convinced that true self-organization of cross-functional teams can only be build upon trust and given autonomy to democratize as many processes as possible around building products and organizations.

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What customers are saying about the course

Jacob Hage

Director of UX and Product Discovery

Mastering product discovery is one of the most essential things for any product team or organisation to succeed. Tim's Product Discovery Masterclass is a great collection of practical tools, and guided videos, that covers the entire range of discovery.

David Arens

Product Manager

Tim's course covers a wide range of topics. If you're just getting started as a product manager, you'll end up with a good overview of the role and a collection of tools to dive in. More experienced PMs will still appreciate the templates and tools as reminders for things to try on an upcoming projects.

Jakob Diebold

Product Manager

The Product Discovery Masterclass provides useful tools for all steps of the discovery process and gives practical guidance on how to use them properly in different settings.

Stephen Bloomer

Senior Product Manager

I find the course provides a robust product discovery process whilst identifying and addressing relevant challenges that will be faced through this non linear process.

This Course will change your Career

No Product Discovery is like the other. So the goal of this course to help you learn about as many techniques as possible and teach you the skills and the confidence to execute them in the various phases of a Product Discovery. You get empowered to connect them, independent of your situation, industry, company size, resources or goal.

This course will not just help you to facilitate more effective Product Discoveries in your current company or with your current client. It’s modularity and the lifetime access to makes it also a worthwhile investment in your future career. Helping you to execute Product Discoveries in new environments with little to no ramp-up time.

Advanced Product Discovery training

Build your Product Discovery toolbox right away with one single purchase


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  • 30+ video lessons
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Advanced Product Discovery training

Build your Product Discovery toolbox right away with one single purchase


excl. VAT

  • 30+ video lessons
  • 20+ Templates & Cheat Sheets
  • 8+ Practical Exercises
  • Access to Private LinkedIn Group
  • Monthly Live Q&A Calls
  • Immediate Start 
  • Access to All Modules
  • Learning at your own Pace
  • Lifetime Course Access
  • Continuously updated content
  • Hands-on Case Studies
  • Certificate of Completion

To educate and certify your entire team, contact to get information about the special pricing for teams.

It's good to see you

I'm driven by the belief that empowered product teams are the foundation for healthy businesses. I want to rethink how product managers learn and grow and this online course is just the first step towards a future where employees not only own their products, but also their education.

I put tons of knowledge and, more importantly, passion into creating this course to create an experience which can help YOU to change the way you work sustainably.