Full Stack Product Discovery Training:

Learn how to build what matters

Build products that matter by investing in your own Product Discovery Toolbox

This training allows teams and individuals to learn the critical skills needed to execute Product Discovery independent of their industry, company size or region.

In this live online class you’ll learn:

  • How to create alignment before Product Discovery starts
  • How to actually understand and interpret user needs
  • How to connect company goals, user insights and ideas
  • How to validate ideas holistically
  • How to build your own Product Discovery process based on a modular toolbox approach

So if you want to make sure that you're building the right product for the right audience, you’ll love this training.

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Why this Training?

Product teams love to build products. But all-too-often, we get caught up in the execution of a CEO’s pet project instead of questioning which ideas will matter to our users and business. And while most companies neglect the purpose of exploring and validating ideas before starting to code, successful ones know that they have to master a second track beyond product delivery: A repeatable, action-oriented, and continuous Product Discovery process.

In this training, I will help you to structure your own Product Discovery efforts in a way that you don’t waste resources building stuff nobody wants without sacrificing time to market.
Instead of just hearing about theoretical principles of product development, you will learn about my proven Product Discovery framework by working through a challenging and real-world case study yourself.

As no Product Discovery is like the other, The goal of this workshop is to help you learn about as many techniques as possible and to equip you with the skills and the confidence as you move through the various phases of a Product Discovery and connect them, independent of your situation, industry, company size, resources or goal.

This workshop will not just help you to facilitate more effective Product Discoveries in your current company or your current client. Instead, its modularity makes it also a worthwhile investment in your future career. Helping you to execute Product Discoveries in new environments with little to no ramp-up time.

What you will learn in this Training

  • Why it’s crucial to use the right alignment format to frame your Product Discovery for maximal autonomy.
  • How to execute lean research using quantitative and qualitative frameworks which truly help you to understand user needs and discover opportunities worth pursuing.
  • With which frameworks you can democratize the ideation process for new solutions, so your stakeholders feel involved without just unloading feature requests at your desk.
  • Why Impact Mapping is the secret superpower of Product Discovery Teams for connecting the dots
  • How to improve your cadence for user feedback loops through rapid prototyping and iterative usability testing.
  • How to structure your validation efforts using Impact Mapping and the Validation Field
  • Why you need to run qualitative and quantitative experiments in parallel to validate your hypotheses and which tools you can use in your company right away.
  • How to integrate Design Sprints into your Product Discovery.
  • Why Product Discovery doesn’t stop after the validation step and how to implement a culture of continuous Product Discovery.
  • How to transition validated ideas into Product Delivery by applying User Story Mapping and theme-based roadmaps.

Practical Exercises taught in this Training

  • Setting up and Structuring your Product Discovery
  • Defining Product Discovery OKR and crafting a Mission briefing to align your team and stakeholders.
  • Prioritizing Discovery opportunities using the Uncertainty-Impact-Matrix
  • Interviewing users to get the insights to get to the bottom of their needs.
  • Ideating solutions in a cross-functional and collaborative team setup.
  • Prototyping solutions even without a UX designer and validating them.
  • Setting up multi-track experiments to run sequential experiments without the need to code.
  • Slicing an idea for Product Delivery and crafting a theme-based roadmap for Agile planning.
  • Connecting user insights to feature ideas, and business goals using Impact Mapping

For whom this Training is

  • Product Managers/Product Owners operating in environments of any scale, complexity and maturity
  • Engineers, Designers and Marketeers which want to participate in iterative Product Discovery Processes instead of standing on the sideline. 
  • Directors/Heads of/Team Leads Product who want to enable their teams to discovery product opportunities which truly matter.
  • CEOs who want to learn more about the impact of truly Agile product development on their company

Training Formats

Onsite Training

  • Interactive, 2-day experience
  • Onsite format with a group of peers
  • Implementation follow-up call

Online Training

  • 3-week online training program
  • Live sessions & self-paced learning
  • Small learning groups

What Participants are saying

Michael Rohrer Product Discovery Workshop Tim Herbig Testimonial

"Tim did an excellent job coaching us on product discovery. The training was very well thought out, energizing, bringing lots of tools; with both substantial and in-depth knowledge, together with a case study."

Michael Rohrer

Head of Software Products at WORLDSENSING

Tim Herbig Product Discovery Workshop Testimonial Grupa Pacuj

Product Discovery workshop facilitated by Tim was full of knowledge and practice. Tim's scenario assumed intensive work and it was fully executed. At the same time Tim was open to questions and talks about internal cases/problems. I highly recommend Product Discovery workshop for whole product teams (including researchers, developers and scrum masters).

Małgorzata Skonieczna

Research Expert at Grupa Pracuj

Tobias Schneider Product Discovery Training Tim Herbig Testimonial

Tim provided me the missing pieces for next level product discovery! Hands-on and deep insights a perfect combination between theory and practice. I can highly recommend the workshop for Product Manager and executives. Thank you!

Tobias Schneider

Head of Product at Fitogram

Onsite Training Format

October 7th and 8th in Berlin, Germany ??

FAQ About the Product Discovery Onsite Training

How long does the training take?

The onsite version of this Product Discovery Training is running throughout two full days. A custom one day version of the format is available upon request for internal training purposes.

Is the training also available as an in-house format?

Yes, I'm happy to discuss your requirements to shape a customized Product Discovery training format for your company. Get in touch using this form

Do I get access to the taught materials after the workshop?

Yes, you'll get access to all the shown slides, as well as .pdf versions of the used frameworks and an extensive list of additional helpful resources.

Is there an online version of the training available?

Yes - You can chose between a Live Online Training version or a self-paced Online Course.

Live Online Training Format

How it works

  • For an ideal online learning experience, this training is composed of asynchronous theory input and facilitated live sessions
  • The training is set up to work across three weeks, with two live sessions per week (one mandatory, one optional)
  • Every cohort of participants for one three week-cycle, will be split up into groups.
  • Every week on Monday, participants get access to a set of learning materials provided through my Product Discovery Online Course. Those lessons need to be complete on your own in preparation for the live sessions (ca. 1h of material per week).
  • On Wednesday, we meet for a 3h live session. In it, you will perform guided assignments along the lines of a provided case study, using interactive tools like Zoom Breakout Rooms and Miro (including feedback from peers and instructors)
  • Every Friday, we meet for an optional 1h "Product Discovery Office Hours" session, in which you can ask clarifying questions from trying out taught material in practice or anything related to the provided learning material.

Next Online Training Cohorts

June 2020 (Jun 1st - Jun 19th)

  • Week 1 (Jun 1st - Jun 5)
    • 3h Live Session on Jun 3rd at 09:00 AM (GMT +1)
    • 1h Product Discovery Office Hours on Jun 5 at 2:00 PM (GMT +1)
  • Week 2 (Jun 8 - Jun 12)
    • 3h Live Session on Jun 10 at 09:00 AM (GMT +1)
    • 1h Product Discovery Office Hours on Jun 12 at 2:00 PM (GMT +1)
  • Week 3 (Jun 15 - Jun 19)
    • 3h Live Session on Jun 15 at 09:00 AM (GMT +1)
    • 1h Product Discovery Office Hours on Jun 19 at 2:00 PM (GMT +1)

Join as an Individual:

997€ excl. VAT

Join as a Team of Three:

1.994€ excl. VAT

 More 2020 Dates being announced soon!

FAQ About the Product Discovery Online Training

Can an online training be as effective as in-person training?

Yes, definitely. Note that my online trainings are not webinar-style upfront input. Instead, I facilitate dynamic and interactive online trainings using tools like Zoom Breakout Rooms and Miro. Participants of my online trainings typically consider them to be even more effective as other in-person trainings.

Will I learn on my own?

No. At the beginning of a cohort, participants will be split-up into learning groups. Within those groups, you will tackle a set of case study tasks during the live sessions. Furthermore, you're encouraged to team-up to meet as a learning group outside the live sessions as well.

How long does the training take?

The online version of this Product Discovery Training is running throughout three weeks with multiple live sessions happening every day.

Is the online training also available as an in-house format?

Yes, I'm happy to discuss your requirements to shape a customized Product Discovery training format for your company. Get in touch using this form

Do I get access to the taught materials after the workshop?

Yes, you'll get access to all the shown slides, as well as .pdf versions of the used frameworks and an extensive list of additional helpful resources.