How to solve the right problems for your customers even if your company only values solutions

In this FREE webinar, you will learn:

    Why it's not enough to just ship more products faster to help your customers AND the business thrive
    How to guide your team and stakeholders through understanding the problem space using Adaptable Product Discovery, BEFORE discussing solutions 
  • The 3 most effective techniques to set up an Adaptable Product Discovery process that works in YOUR company
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For whom is this Webinar?

  • Product Managers who are tired of chasing pre-determined solutions and are looking for a way to approach Product Discovery more systematically 
  • UX Designers who want to build skills beyond user research and prototyping, to facilitate Product Discovery from the beginning to the end.
  • Agile Coaches who want to support the teams they are working with with processes and best practices beyond Product Delivery.
  • CEOs who are looking to change the way products are built in their organization.
  • Engineers who want to get involved in aspects of building products beyond code and Sprint Plannings.

About Your Host, Tim Herbig

Tim Herbig Product Management Portrait

As a Product Coach, Tim has helped dozens of teams do build better products through Product Discovery, Outcome Goals, and Tangible Product Strategy. Tim is the creator of the Adaptable Product Discovery method, which helps Product Teams navigate the challenges of non-linear Product Discovery, independent of their company size or industry.

Tim's work is informed by more than 10 years working as a Product Leader helping develop a broad range of B2C and B2B products.

It is his mission to enable organizations to help product teams become the best version of themselves. He's convinced that cross-functional teams’ real self-organization can only be built upon trust and given autonomy to democratize as many processes as possible around building products and organizations.