Product discovery Workshop

How to use Adaptable Discovery Practices
to solve User Problems that drive Business Results

This workshop helps you learn the skills needed to adapt Product Discovery skills independent of your industry or company size.

Product Discovery is more than talking to users. But it's easy for teams to be held back by an overwhelm of frameworks and "do it right." When the thing matters are their iteration toward reducing uncertainty.

If you strip away all the frameworks, buzzwords, and "best practices," the core intention of Product Discovery is about the data-informed reduction of uncertainty regarding problems worth solving and solutions worth building through a series of nonlinear activities conducted as a cross-functional team.

That’s why this training focuses on helping you understand individual Discovery context and when to apply what technique to make progress, over just introducing new canvases or frameworks.

Learning Goals

  • Frame your Product Discovery through Strategy, OKRs, and Product Roadmaps to identify and prioritize the right Problem Space.
  • Structure Product Discovery participation and day-to-day integration
  • Articulate research intent to choose and combine the proper research techniques for your problem with a short lead time to insight.
  • How to plan, execute, and synthesize qualitative and quantitative research to generate reliable problem understanding
  • Using Impact Mapping to connect insights, solutions, and experiments to overarching business goals.
  • Develop a structure for testing generated ideas to enable evidence-informed decision-making.
Differentiating the Problem Space and Solution Space of Product Discovery

Concepts Covered

  • Dual-track Agile
  • Product Discovery OKRs
  • Product Discovery Collaborator Model
  • Product Discovery Check-ins
  • Impact Mapping
  • Research Intent Questions
  • Research Technique Deep Dives
  • Experimentation Technique Deep Dives
  • Assumptions Mapping
  • Idea Validation Grid Structure

For whom is this Training?

  • (Senior) Product Managers who want to go beyond measuring efficiency through Story Points and Velocity.
  • Heads of Product and VPs of Product who are looking for a new perspective on enabling their product teams.
  • UX Designers who want to participate in user-centered discussions beyond wireframes and pixels.
  • Product Ops Managers, Agile Coaches, and Scrum Masters who want to support product teams beyond Scrum rituals.
  • Engineers who want to engage in Product Discovery before it's time to start talking about solutions.

What’s included in your Ticket?

  • In-person Events only: Softcover Workbook containing all materials, exercise instructions, and space for reflecting for you to keep and revisit in the future
  • Non-conference events only: 30-day access to my self-paced Strategy course for complementary learning (access granted after the training)
  • In-person Events only: A light breakfast, healthy lunch, snacks, as well as hot and cold beverages
  • A Certificate of Completion for your LinkedIn profile
  • 8 hours (in-person) of hands-on concepts and guided practical implementation exercises
  • 60 minutes of Office Hours Q&A right after the official workshop end
  • A really good time ;)

Join an Upcoming Training

January 23, 2025 in Berlin, Germany | 09:30 AM - 5:30 PM

This workshop can be combined with two consecutive workshops on Product Strategy and Product OKRs taking place over the previous two days at the same venue. Check the ticket options for bundle pricing options.

For self-paced and cohort-based Strategy education, check out my Adaptable Product Discovery Course.

For bespoke in-house workshop options, please set up a call through my services overview page.

What Others Have to Say

Sarah Reeves Product Ops StepStone Tim Herbig Recommendation

"Tim’s depth and breadth of working knowledge has been invaluable in helping our product teams on their journey towards better product practices. Whether it’s through product discovery training and 121 coaching, ask-me-anything sessions or OKR coaching, Tim has enabled our product people to gain a much deeper understanding of user centric product development and develop an outcome-driven approach. His adaptable toolkits provide the essential techniques to help teams collaborate quickly and iteratively towards meaningful outcomes, and his collaborative and supportive approach means he’s an absolute pleasure to work with."

Sarah Reeves, Product Operations Manager at StepStone

Tim Herbig Product Discovery Training Testimonial - SPIEGEL

"In his Product Discovery Training, Tim did not only provide a great toolset for our daily work as interdisciplinary product team, but really sparked our minds and triggered a deeper understanding of user centric product development. You immediately feel that he’s deeply caring about good products, processes and – foremost – the people involved."

Peter Grahle, Head of Platform & Design at DER SPIEGEL


Will I get a copy of the presentation used in class?

You will receive a pdf document containing the slides shown in training and references and links to books and articles. The used Miro board will also remain active, allowing you to revisit your exercise outputs. I share the links and resources after the course has taken place, usually on the next da

Do you offer company-specific training?

You will receive a pdf document containing the slides shown in training and references and links to books and articles. The used Miro board will also remain active, allowing you to revisit your exercise outputs. I share the links and resources after the course has taken place, usually on the next da

Can I pay by invoice?

Yes, you can pay by invoice if paying by credit card is not an option for you. To do so, please contact me directly via and share how many places you want to book. Please note that a place is guaranteed when the invoice has been settled.

How many participants can attend in total?

This workshop is limited to a maximum of 25 attendees. This ensures that they are small enough to answer specific questions and big enough to have a sufficiently diverse group and engaging discussions.

Meet your Instructor, Tim Herbig

Tim Herbig Picture (2023)

As a Product Management Coach and Consultant, Tim Herbig enables product teams to make more evidence-informed decisions in line with their strategic choices by connecting the dots of Product Strategy, OKRs, and Product Discovery.

For over 10 years, he has worked in various in-house and consulting roles as a Product Manager and Head of Product. I constantly challenged myself to make an evidence-informed way of working in industries like publishing, professional networking, and building Enterprise-level b2b SaaS applications. I know what it takes to balance large-scale product iterations with the scrappiness of a pre-Product-Market-Fit state.

He now helps product teams develop and implement better practices that help them progress in their context instead of chasing artificially created "best practices." I achieve that through hands-on training, coaching offerings, in-depth courses, and intriguing content.