Which Product Management Conferences should you attend? The Complete List (2019 Update)

Which Product Management Conferences should you attend? The Complete List (2019 Update)

Product Management Conferences are a valuable opportunity to get inspiration for your daily work through new input and build a robust network. Both are incredibly important to make progress in your career as a product manager.

To help you cut through the noise of all the conferences out there, I put together this comprehensive overview of the most relevant conferences out there. The guide is constantly evolving and adding new conferences as more information become available. You can also suggest additions using the form at the end of the article.

I have also summarized the conferences in a sortable Airtable data base;

Here are my 6 favorite Product Management Conferences not to miss in 2019

Product Management Conferences in Europe

Mind the Product Engage Manchester in Manchester, UK

The MTP Engage format is coming to the UK and also features a separate day for first class workshops. From what I experienced at the Hamburg edition, it will be a worthy addition to the MTP conference line-up

Date: Feb 7 - Feb 8

Ticket prices highest rate: $460

Lean Startup Summit Berlin in Berlin, Germany

It's great to see this famous event for entrepreneurs and product coming to Germany for the first time. It's line-up features speakers like Alex Osterwalder or my fellow author from Sense & Respond Press Itamar Gilad.

Date: Feb 12

Ticket prices highest rate: $630

ProductCon London in London, UK

ProductCon London brings lots of names from high-profile companies like Uber, Google and Amazon prime video to a one-day-event right in the heart of the UK.

Date: Feb 28

Ticket prices highest rate: $1,280

ScanAgile in Helsinki, Finland

A great addition to the product culture in the Nordics. Expanding the discussion way beyond day-to-day tactics towards organizational Agility, ScanAgile looks like a neat addition for your conference schedule. 

Date: Mar 13 - Mar 14

Ticket prices highest rate: $625

UX Copenhagen in Copenhagen, Denmark

This year’s overall theme is ‘Consent and Privacy.’ The theme changes every year, and it’s great to see a conference react to the zeitgeist of our industry this way.

Date: Mar 18 - Mar 19

Ticket prices highest rate: $1,240

Epic Growth Conference in Moscow, Russia

I haven't heard of this one before, but the fact that they attracted folks from Intercom, Revolut and Amazon to step on stage (almost) speaks for itself. Might be a worthy addition to your Growth-focussed schedule in Q1.

Date: Mar 27 - Mar 28

Ticket prices highest rate: n.a.

Leading the Product Stockholm in Stockholm, Sweden

Next to the conferences in Australia, Leading Product also runs a 'Nordic' edition of its format in Sweden. Featuring speakers like Roman Pichler and product leaders from Oracle or Tesla, it definitely looks like a great gathering for product people in Scandinavia.

Date: Mar 21st

Ticket prices highest rate: $760

JAM Product Leaders Retreat in Wales

I love how JAM tries new formats beyond its 'typical' conference in London. If the experience of their conference and workshop formats is any indicator, this unique event could be one of the highlights in 2018. It somehow reminds me of the Epicurrence un-conference format.

Date: Apr 4 - Apr 7

Ticket prices highest rate: $3,200

Dublin Tech Summit in Ireland

Dublin Tech Summit seeks to help you break out of the typical product bubble with bringing speakers from a broad range of industries like sports, the public sector and even aerospace onto their stage. Even if most people on stage won't talk about the day-to-day grind of building products, their stories about solving bigger problems will certainly inspire you to aim higher as well.

Date: Apr 10 - Apr 11

Ticket prices highest rate: $220

Product Sense in Moscow, Russia

Product Sense is the largest conference about Product Management in Eastern Europe and covers the creation of useful and profitable products,  practical tools, and trends and ideas

Date: Apr 11 - Apr 12

Ticket prices highest rate: tba

BoS Conference Europe in Cambridge, UK

The Business of Software Conference focusses on software entrepreneurs from a broader perspective. Despite being a software conference, the focus of the topics is neither code nor finance. You’ll hear talks on anything from marketing to leadership, hiring to mental health and everything in between.

Date: Apr 11 - Apr 12

Ticket prices highest rate: $825

INDUSTRY Europe in Dublin, Ireland

INDUSTRY has been one of the few conferences expanding from the US to Europe instead of the other way around. But their line-up and communication perfectly blends in with the European 'style' and you don't feel like it sees itself entitled to exist just because of the reputation from the US.

Date: Apr 15 - Apr 17

Ticket prices highest rate: $690

Agile-Lean Ireland in Dublin, Ireland

Agile-Lean Ireland 2019 will feature talks from Barry O'Reilly, Mary Poppendieck, Dan North, Geoff Watts, and John Cutler. A pretty convincing line-up, isn't it? This great program on stage is accompanied with a set of tremendous workshops the day before.

Date: Apr 23 - Apr 26

Ticket prices highest rate: $335

From Business to Buttons in Stockholm, Sweden

A great conference for everyone with a UX background to expand their mind- and skillset into the aspect of building not only products, but businesses. 2019 will feature speakers like Jeff Gothelf, Kim Goodwin and product and design leaders from companies like Adobe.

Date: May 2nd - May 3rd

Ticket prices highest rate: $775

User Experience Lisbon in Portugal

UX Lisbon is n four days event with lots of of hands-on learning. If I had to chose, Jim Kalbach and Claire Lew alone (+ the great weather and food in Lisbon) would make me attend the conference.

Date: May 21st - May 24

Ticket prices highest rate: $1,600

Mind the Product Engage Hamburg in Germany

Probably the best product management conference in Germany. I've attended it twice and spoke there once to tell you how great this event is. Get ready to meet tons of product people from Germany you already knew combined with the glamour of hearing international speakers like Marty Cagan.

Date: May 22nd - May 24

Ticket prices highest rate: $635

ACE! in Cracow, Poland

ACE! ​holds 2 tracks ready for you:
The Building Software Better track includes the traditional ACE! content such as agile, lean, Scrum, Kanban, and other methods for improving the software development.
The Building Better Products track that features Lean Startup, LeanUX, Design Thinking and Customer Development topics. This track is for everyone involved in creating products, including product managers, UI and Interaction Designers, and UX Researchers.

Date: May 23rd - May 24

Ticket prices highest rate: tba

UX London 

One of the definitive places to be for UX people around Europe which has been able to product an impressive line-up over the past years. 

Date: May 29 - May 31

Ticket prices highest rate: $1,270

La Product Conference in Paris, France

La Product Conf is the biggest event for digital Product professionals in France. The conference brings together Product Managers, Product Owners, Product Designers, CPOs and CEOs. The event manages to attract as many as 750 Product people.

Date: June 6

Ticket prices highest rate: $400

SaaStr Europa in Paris, France

Another edition of the popular SaaS-centered conference - This one happening right in the centre of Europe. While the first edition has been quite popular with about 1,500 attendees, they're shooting for 2,500 entrepreneurs and makers in 2019.

Date: June 12 - June 13

Ticket prices highest rate: $449

Agile on the Beach in Cornwall, UK

Agile on the Beach offers five (!) parallel tracks tackling a different theme each: Product Design, Product Management, Team working, Agile Practices, Agility in business, and Software delivery.

Date: July 11 - July 12

Ticket prices highest rate: $600

Future London Academy

During a whole week you’ll immerse yourself into London's tech and creative industry exploring the hottest trends and latest inventions. You will have a chance to meet the teams behind the most ground-breaking products and learn how they approach design and UX strategy, work with clients and improve their services.

Date: August 12 - August 16

Ticket prices highest rate: $2,582

Turing Fest in Edinburgh, Scotland

A great place for experiencing just the right mix of entrepreneurial advice and hands-on tactics for your day-to-day challenges of working in tech.

Date: August 27 - August 28

Ticket prices highest rate: tba

growth marketing SUMMIT in Frankfurt, Germany

The growth marketing SUMMIT certainly evolved from a small nerdy online marketing conference to a place where true business agility gets discussed. I spoke there in 2018 and can only recommend its attendance for the superb organization and speaker quality alone.

Date: September 3rd

Ticket prices highest rate: $1,130

JAM Barcelona in Spain

Another super interesting experiment from the folks behind the JAM format: Expanding product leadership and exploring one of Europe's most beautiful cities sounds like a must-attend. Especially in September!

Date: September 20 - September 21st

Ticket prices highest rate: $1,240

Canvas Conference in Birmingham, UK

Canvas is a one-day event of inspirational and informative talks for people who design, make and market digital experiences. They will present insider stories from people at some of the world’s most interesting and disruptive organisations, sharing with us their successes, failures, and lessons learned.

Date: October 10

Ticket prices highest rate: $260

Mind the Product London in UK

Not much to say about this one. The mothership of all product management conferences. You should have been there at least once in your career.

Date: October 17 - October 18

Ticket prices highest rate: tba

JAM London in UK

The 'mothership' for the two other JAM events this year in Barcelona and Wales. From what I've heard, it's a story-packed conference to get inspired. If you're in the mood, you can even extend your conference experience by one more day with a couple of great workshops.

Date: October 31st - November 1st

Ticket prices highest rate: $560

Productized in Lisbon, Portugal

A lovely conference in a lovely city. I always liked the informal and fun vibe at the conference and had a great time experiencing it as a speaker in 2017.

Date: November 21st - 22nd

Ticket prices highest rate: tba

Product Management Festival in Zurich, Switzerland

Another great product management conference happening at the end of the year. PMF certainly has evolved over the years into a great way to end the conference season while assembling a couple of high-profile companies to share their learnings on stage.

Date: November 13 - November 14

Ticket prices highest rate: tba

Product Management Conferences in North America

SaaStr Annual in San Francisco, US

The ‘root’ conference for everybody working in the SaaS business. The conference intends to combine knowledge about business leadership in SaaS and hands-on product challenges.

Date: Feb 5 - Feb 7

Ticket prices highest rate: $1,500

Habit Summit in San Francisco, US

The ‘root’ conference for everybody working in the SaaS business. The conference intends to combine knowledge about business leadership in SaaS and hands-on product challenges.

Date: Feb 28

Ticket prices highest rate: tba

ProductCamp Portland in Portland, US

ProductCamp is a user-driven “unconference” that brings together passionate product managers and marketers who genuinely care about building user-centered products.

Date: Mar 2nd

Ticket prices highest rate: tba

ProductCraft in San Francisco, US

ProductCraft is run by the folks at Pendo. Thankfully, it's not just another tool sales-driven conference but the line-up looks very promising in terms of real hands-on value for practitioners.

Date: May 9th

Ticket prices highest rate: $799

MicroConf in Las Vegas, US

MicroConf prides itself as 'The World's Biggest Conference For the World's Smallest Self-Funded Software Companies'. While its 'Growth' track is intended for companies whose founders who are currently making a full-time income from their digital products, the 'Starter' track is aimed at founders and aspiring entrepreneurs who are NOT currently making a full-time income from digital products..

Date: Mar 24 - Mar 28

Ticket prices highest rate: tba

Atlassian Summit in Las Vegas, US

Combining tons of training opportunities, with updates on their roadmap and high profile speakers on stage, Atlassian is looking to scale its annual Summit gathering up more and more. It doesn't matter how much you like or dislike JIRA or Confluence - This event will probably amaze you nevertheless.

Date: Apr 9 - Apr 11

Ticket prices highest rate: tba

Twin Cities Product Conference 2019 in Minneapolis

For this year's ProdConf, the organizers will examine some of the best ways to successfully put the "people" piece back into the product development equation and leverage the enormous power it can yield for team/organizational health and success. Using the "people" lens, they'll delve into topics in management, product thinking, leadership and DevOps to gain a holistic view of how and why it's time to put people first.

Date: Apr 29th

Ticket prices highest rate: §145

Sirius Decisions Summit in Austin, US

Not much is known yet about the Sirius Decisions Summit 2019 but based from what I've seen and heard on the internet from previous editions, it should be worth attending if you're looking for a place to educate yourself around May. What seems to make it stand out is the expansion beyond 'pure' product management into overall business leadership.

Date: May 6 - May 8

Ticket prices highest rate: $2,495

GrowthHackers Conference in San Francisco, US

The GrowthHackers conference is a full day event for companies or people that are looking to push the boundaries of growth innovation, organized by Sean Ellis. At this conference, attendees will learn what is required to develop a high-performance growth team and program across the disciplines of product, design, and marketing.

Date: May 7

Ticket prices highest rate: $1,549

ProductCon San Francisco in US

Organized by Product School, ProductCon takes place five times a year with events in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle and London. The speaker lineup features product leaders from Google, Slack, Amazon, Airbnb, Netflix, Facebook and more.

Date: May 29

Ticket prices highest rate: $1,200

Agile and Beyond in Detroit, US

Agile & Beyond is a grassroots, volunteer run conference that helps people learn about agile principles and practices as well as covers topics that help make people and companies awesome. With pre-conference workshops and over 100 conference sessions, there is a wide variety of topics for the agile newbie all the way to the agile expert.

Date: May 30

Ticket prices highest rate: $399

Enterprise UX 2019 in San Francisco, US

Enterprise UX is dedicated to delivering useful, delightful, and humane experiences to people who work for and in enterprises. Its reputation speaks for itself.

Date: June 3rd - June 6

Ticket prices highest rate: tba

Front UX & Product Management Case Study Conference in Salt Lake City, US

Front prides itself to be an extremely practical conference with prioritizing insights into tactics over big name brands when it comes to its speaker line-up.

Date: June 6 - June 7

Ticket prices highest rate: $700

Mind the Product San Francisco in the US

Mind the Product is THE product management conference where we bring together product leaders from around the world to explore the intersection of design, technology and business - inspiring you to build better products. Same quality you're familiar with from the UK.

Date: July 15 - July 16

Ticket prices highest rate: $999

Agile 2019 in Washington, US

Agile 2019 is dedicated to furthering Agile principles and providing a venue for people and ideas to flourish. This is where the Agile tribes meet!

Date: August 5 - August 9

Ticket prices highest rate: Free

INDUSTRY Global in Cleveland, US

Expect the same high quality in terms of speakers and organization as from its European edition counterpart.

Date: September 23rd - September 25

Ticket prices highest rate: $995

Open Mobile Summit in San Francisco, US

OMS is a ‘by brands for brands’ meeting that brings together those passionate about digital product, mobile experience and growth.

Date: November 7-8th

Ticket prices highest rate: $2,395

Product Management Conferences in Asia

UX Salon in Tel Aviv, Israel

A great opportunity to leave your usual conference environment and finally visit Tel-Aviv. UX Salon features a mix of classic on-stage presentations and practical workshops. The speakers include Vitaly Friedman (Smashing Magazine) and Matthew Bennett (Microsoft).

Date: Mar 10 - Mar 11

Ticket prices highest rate: $410

Mind the Product Singapore

The first expansion to Asia from the popular Mind the Product conference series. The quality of MTP speaks for itself and I'm extremely curious which first-class speakers they will bring to the party.

Date: Mar 25 - Mar 26

Ticket prices highest rate: $850

Product Management Festival Singapore

This year's edition marked the second time PMF expanded to Asia. Let's see which internal and regional folks they will combine for the line-up

Date: June 17 - June 18

Ticket prices highest rate: tba

SaaStr East in Singapore, Singapore

It seems to be 'a thing' to have an Asian-edition of your conference and SaaStr is no exception here. With its 'East' edition, the mothership of all SaaS conferences expands beyond Europe and North America

Date: Sep 19 - Sep 19

Ticket prices highest rate: $300

Product Management Conferences in Australia

Leading the Product Melbourne in Melbourne, Australia

Leading the Product is a one day, single track conference. Learn about the latest trends in Product Management from seasoned international and local product leaders. Connect with your product tribe. Make new friends, give back, feel that you are a part of an active and supportive Product Management community in Australia. Use this as an opportunity to extend yourself and challenge the way you currently think about Product Management. Grow in order to be greater.

Date: tba in February 2019

Ticket prices highest rate: tba in February 2019

Leading the Product Sydney in Sydney, Australia

It's great to see the 'Leading the Product' event series cover both 'ends' of Australia. Information about the line-up are rare at the moment, but I'm sure it's worth waiting for it.

Date: tba in February 2019

Ticket prices highest rate: tba in February 2019

Agile Coach Camp Australia in Melbourne

The Agile Coach Camp movement hosts “un-conferences” around the world to provide a time and space for Agile Coaches, Team Members, Leaders, Guerrilla Change Agents, XP Advocates, Product Owners, Scrum Masters and anyone interested in conversations about Agile to get together in a collective learning experience.

Date: Mar 16

Ticket $0

Agile on the Beach NZ in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand

Agile on the Beach is a new conference format for New Zealand, bringing together 100 people for a weekend of learning, story telling, and a beach party on Saturday evening. For 2019, the core theme is the impact of people on change. Besides the actual talks, the event will also feature a series of workshops.

Date: April 5 - 7

Ticket $325

Agile Australia in Sydney, Australia

In 2018, Agile Australia brought in thought leaders like Martin Fowler, Jeff Gothelf and Josh Seiden to speak and give workshops at their conference. Let's see how they will level-up their game in 2019.

Date: Jun 25 - Jun 26

Ticket prices highest rate: tba

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