Remote Work Communication and Collaboration Training

Remote Work Communication and Collaboration Training

Enabling up an effective Remote Team culture requires more then setting up a Slack workspace. This online training will help you understand the foundations of effective remote communication and collaboration and putting them into practice.

​What you will learn in this Training

  • Why Remote Work is more than Digital Nomads sipping cocktails on Bali
  • How to identify the WHY for remote work at your company
  • The impact of your company's Remote WHY on your ideal remote setup
  • The fundamental principles of remote collaboration and communication
  • How to build your individual remote tool stack
  • Facilitating remote workshops effectively across your company
  • How to set up a remote pilot program in your company
  • Why Remote Work is not just a trend, but the new status quo for companies out there
  • Pitfalls to avoid when implementing Remote Work in your environment

Note: While this is an online training, it's designed to be as engaging as an offline workshop experience. We will collaborate using tools like Zoom Breakout Rooms and Miro Boards to enable participant collaboration and practical exercises. The theory-to-practice ratio will be at least 50:50. This is not a lean back online webinar. It's a hands-on training.

Practical Exercises taught in this Training

  • Experiencing the different communication styles and their impact
  • Designing remote meeting schedules
  • Running remote ideation sessions
  • Getting to know essential remote tools

For whom this Training is

  • Agile Team Members (Product Managers, UX Designers, Developers etc.) who want to improve their collaboration in a remote setup
  • Facilitators and Agile Coaches who are tasked with accompanying change for agile teams
  • CEOs who want to learn more about Remote as a potential way to scale a company
  • HR Managers who want to lay the foundation for a company transformation

Note: As soon as there's one participant enrolled who is not speaking German, the entire workshop will be held in English. All the slides and materials are in English anyway.

What Participants are saying

Tim Herbig Remote Workshop Experiences

​The Remote Work session Tim hosted for our team was eye-opening! At our organization we were skeptical whether remote work could be or would be a good tool for our team. There was a big sense of sympathy for a new remote work mode as an enhancement for our co-located team. And also a solid portion fo skepticism. Tim’s smartest move was hosting the workshop about remote work _remotely_. My team and I experienced an inspiring, well-structured workshop with great tools, insights and clarifying discussions. As a result, our team has resolved their skepticism and we are putting Tim’s strategies into practice.

Moritz Mann Founder of Protofy

Training Requirements

  • All used tools will be provided via an upfront preparation email
  • It‘s your responsibility to join from a location with sufficient internet speed and reduced background noise.
  • You don‘t need to invest in audio equipment, but should at least join with a dedicated mic+headset 
  • All participants agree to join the webcam with an always-on webcam

Next Dates

May 13 2020

FAQ about the Remote Collaboration and Communication Training

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