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Workshop Formats and Details

Adaptable Product Discovery Training

Scalable Product Discovery Approach

Adaptable Product Discovery is a Product Discovery Approach that solves the problem of seeing how Product Discovery works in theory but struggling to see how it would ever work in your company. In this training, you'll understand when to use which technique to get the most out of the time you're able to invest in Product Discovery, how to take steps towards an evidence-based product culture, and connect the dots easily.

Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) for Product Teams

How Objectives and Key Results relate to Agile Product Management

Agile goal setting system like Objectives and Key Results (OKR) can not only helps product teams to focus on outcome over outputs, but which also enables true autonomy for them to build the best solutions. This training will help you to understand what effective OKRs are made of , how to use them for working on outcomes instead of features, and how to set up your agile product development processes to support thinking and working in outcomes.

Remote Collaboration for Product Teams

Remote Collaboration and Communication Training

Enabling up an effective Remote Team culture requires more than setting up a Slack workspace. This online training will help you understand the foundations of effective remote communication and collaboration and putting them into practice.

Lateral Leadership for Product Teams

Effective Lateral Leadership happens at the Intersection of Alignment and Empathy

Organizations are shifting from top-down hierarchies to autonomous and loosely connected agile teams. Although these teams act mostly self-organized, the responsibility for their outcomes usually falls into the hands of one person. This training will help you master the challenges of being a lateral leader. It will guide you through strategic alignment with your organization, process alignment within your team, and proper alignment with other team members.

What Training Participants are Saying

Tim Herbig Product Discovery Workshop Testimonial Grupa Pacuj

Product Discovery workshop facilitated by Tim was full of knowledge and practice. Tim's scenario assumed intensive work and it was fully executed. At the same time Tim was open to questions and talks about internal cases/problems. I highly recommend Product Discovery workshop for whole product teams (including researchers, developers and scrum masters).

Małgorzata Skonieczna

Research Expert at Grupa Pracuj

Michael Rohrer Product Discovery Workshop Tim Herbig Testimonial

Tim did an excellent job coaching us on product discovery. The training was very well thought out, energizing, bringing lots of tools; with both substantial and in-depth knowledge, together with a case study.

Michael Rohrer

Head of Software Products at WORLDSENSING

Tim Herbig Remote Workshop Experiences

The Remote Work session Tim hosted for our team was eye-opening! At our organization we were skeptical whether remote work could be or would be a good tool for our team. There was a big sense of sympathy for a new remote work mode as an enhancement for our co-located team. And also a solid portion fo skepticism. Tim’s smartest move was hosting the workshop about remote work _remotely_. My team and I experienced an inspiring, well-structured workshop with great tools, insights and clarifying discussions. As a result, our team has resolved their skepticism and we are putting Tim’s strategies into practice.

Moritz Mann

Founder of Protofy

Fanny Krebs-Pinto Lateral Leadership Training Recommendation

It always feels very nice to discuss and share experiences with fellow product people. Thank you for facilitating a great workshop on lateral leadership. Learned great tips and new tools to lead without hierarchical authority

Fanny Krebs-Pinto

Product Manager at HolidayPirates Group