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Workshop Formats and Details

Adaptable Product Discovery Training

Scalable Product Discovery Approach

Adaptable Product Discovery is a Product Discovery Approach that solves the problem of seeing how Product Discovery works in theory but struggling to see how it would ever work in your company.

In this training, you'll understand when to use which technique to get the most out of the time you're able to invest in Product Discovery, how to take steps towards an evidence-based product culture, and connect the dots easily.

Impact Mapping Training

Impact Mapping Framework Tim Herbig

Impact Mapping is one of the most effective techniques to help Product Teams connect features and experiments to overarching business priorities by using Outcomes as a connector.

In this training, you will learn how to connect Impact Mapping to Product Discovery, OKRs, Product Strategy, and Product Delivery using Scrum.

Outcome Goals for Product Teams Training

How Objectives and Key Results relate to Agile Product Management

Agile goal setting system like Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) can not only helps product teams to focus on outcome over outputs, but which also enables true autonomy for them to build the best solutions.

This training will help you to understand what effective OKRs are made of , how to use them for working on outcomes instead of features, and how to set up your agile product development processes to support thinking and working in outcomes.