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Webinar: Leading Agile Teams When You're Not The Boss

Webinar: Leading Agile Teams When You're Not The Boss

Agile doesn’t just change how teams work. It also changes how teams are led. Agile requires a radically different approach to leadership, one that puts business, design, and engineering at equal levels—where they must work as peers.

This is called lateral leadership, but it creates a challenge for roles like product management. Agile leadership requires teams to align around a committed vision and support it in the best possible way without formal authority. And even though product managers lack the expert knowledge of their new peers, they have to succeed in their mission without the traditional safety net of hierarchical power.

What you will learn

  • Why leading without hierarchical power is the skill of the future for agile organizations
  • Understanding the three levels of alignment needed for leading agile teams
  • How to develop empathy for peers from other domains of expertise

For whom this webinar is

  • Product Managers working in cross-functional teams or environments
  • Product Designers, Engineers or other members of cross-functional teams
  • Product Leaders who want to enable their team members to lead without formal authority

About your Host

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Tim Herbig is a Product Leader, Author and Speaker building digital products for more than 8 years. He’s currently leading iridion, the leading conversion management platform. Prior to that, Tim held product leadership roles at companies like XING, Gruner+Jahr and smaller startups. He also co-organizes the Product Tank Hamburg meetup.


If you want to learn more about how to effectively utilize lateral leadership in your environment, check out my hands-on book on the topic or training offerings.