Webinar: How to combine OKR and Agile Product Management

Webinar: How to combine OKR and Agile Product Management

When OKR and product development meet, their ingredients can feel disconnected.
Whether it is to combine different hierarchy perspectives or cycle times like quarterly goals versus specific product development times or many other aspects.

In this webinar we try to connect the dots between the management framework OKR and agile product development processes. After a closer look at the details behind both approaches, we are going to give various practical examples of a value-adding synchronization of the both together.

What you will learn

  • How to develop a set of impactful OKR to align your organization
  • How to set up a product development process that connects to your company OKR
  • How to master OKR challenges in your day to day business

For whom this webinar is

  • Executives who are looking to align the product organization with overall strategic company goals
  • Product leaders, that need to solve challenges between OKR and product processes after a company-wide OKR implementation
  • Product Managers who want to generate a more impactful product strategy

About your Hosts

Sonja Mewes, Founder & CEO Beautiful Future

Sonja Mewes is founder and consultant for digital strategy and OKRs at Beautiful Future. She accompanies organizations in the agency and software industry during their implementation and development of individual OKR systems. Sonja fell in love with OKR after over fifteen years of traditional management experiences, that strongly triggered the relevance for new ways of more meaningful working environments. As co-host of the OKR Forum Hamburg she discusses those opportunities though OKRs and other innovative working tools with an inspiring community.

Tim Herbig Square Profile Image

Tim Herbig is a Product Leader, Author and Speaker building digital products for more than 8 years. He’s currently leading iridion, the leading conversion management platform. Prior to that, Tim held product leadership roles at companies like XING, Gruner+Jahr and smaller startups. He also co-organizes the Product Tank Hamburg meetup.


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